Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I will not regurgitate ALL the information available on numerous websites throughout the internet regarding Pakistan.
At the globalresearch website, for example, an informative article by Chossudovsky comparing Yugoslav and Pakistan dismemberment, but, in the following, he fails to make a parallel analysis and analogy with Iraq's dismemberment,"federalism" and the role of Iran in this process, and, in addition, the very important financial connections and empire I have been following in previous blogs regarding the UAE, Iran, Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Abraaj, Pak privatization, development of the Baluch gas fields, port and Pak State energy company, the PPL, etc., "The Destabilization of Pakistan":

Regarding privatization of PPL, a major event to which he makes reference, here are some interests named from 2005:

And, a reminder, also, from a previous blog about the unfolding Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj empire and its plans to develop an LNG terminal at Port Qasim:

Meanwhile, the financial interconnections and party at the GCC states continue unabated.
Attempting to create an interlocking ownership of the worlds largest stock exchange, Bourse Dubai is purchasing a 20% stake in America's Nasdaq, a 28% in London's LSE; Nasdaq is a major investor in Scandinavia's OMX, which means Bourse Dubai, as well, and Armenia's stock exchange also involved.
Kuwait, also privatizing its state industries under large protests, just reduced its tax on foreign investment to 15%.
Turkey's stock exchange is now the 5th largest.
All this information, and so much more, is freely available, as I have said repeatedly, on numerous websites, as well as the Business Channel.
But, it seems, only these websites and my lonely little blog have been following these interlocking directorships of such gargantuan importance.
Perhaps, that's the reason why my previous blog,
was blocked on and off.

To continue on Pakistan.
The following article elaborates on Pak rioting and the Pak privatization program,
"Bhutto Assassination Sparks Mass Protests":

And, of course, the website to which I've linked, previously, to which neither the US labor movement nor any other pseudo-Left grouping have given their unqualified support.
They're too busy investing their pension monies, instead into all these companies:

In addition, at a previous post, I had a link to an important copper/gold mine located in Balochistan, Reko-Diq, being developed by Barrick and Chilean Antofagasta:

And, of course, the as yet unbuilt TAP, Turkmen/Afghanistan/Pakistan pipeline.

And, importantly, the not often mentioned Russian as well as China factor in the political economy and militarism of the region.

The competing militias in Iraq are now considered an impediment to complete the economic "transformation" and integration of the Middle East, so, a "mopping up" process is taking place.
See this recent development regarding the demise of Maliki and the return of Allawi, something I had long ago predicted, that is, Allawi's return.
Allawi is very well connected to the financial world.
Maliki is not.
Allawi is far more preferable.
And, of course, Iraq's "federalism" and "internationalization" and phony reconciliation:

A somewhat similar situation exists regarding Pakistan/Afghanistan.
The last time I heard Bhutto at the Middle East Institute, ( a video of this event available on from September 25, 2007) she made no secret, she articulated quite clearly what she considered a Faustian deal the Pakistan government/political process had made with the US to establish and support the ISI, the fundamentalists, to "fight Communism."
It was no longer a useful bargain.
It is/was THE deal that tore up what was the Afghanistan state and country, then, the Soviet Union, before they got to Iraq and Yugoslavia, and, now Pakistan, as well.
It is/was, equally, the same deal destroying the US.
Bhutto was certainly well aware of the dangers to her return.
The only question that remains why she knowingly put herself into this situation.
Her answers to questions at the Middle East Institute I think are worth hearing, for that reason.
While it's clear she is and was being used and both she and we know whose economic interests she was serving, the only answer to the question above seems to be her myopic belief she could somehow reclaim Pakistan from the Islamists, that, this time around, she was wiser and smarter, something she said.
It's in this sense, and, this sense only, not diminishing all and any of the other factors, I consider her death a suicidal tragedy.
Some people might characterize the Bhutto story as Shakespearean.
I don't know.
That's another subject.
But, as many say, in death she will accomplish, perhaps, that which she could not in life.
That her death triggered the recent events in Pakistan is related to all of the above.
It/she/the assassination is/was a catalyst.
Bhutto would have called for further NATO/US/"international" military intervention in Pakistan to help "clean up" the "instability" and contradictions they created in the first place.
So, clearly, her policies are/were a threat to the interests of those she was prepared to "clean up."
Meanwhile, one additional note regarding Gazprom, Serbia and Russia's South Stream pipeline:


So, stay tuned to this and my other on and off again blogspot for more and lets see if this blogspot gets blocked and if the other one re-opens and remains open to the public.