Sunday, January 27, 2008


In the last few days, January 24, 2008, NATO's Secretary General visited the UAE for the first time ever.
Amongst subjects discussed, naturally, GCC and NATO expansion, then, NATO'S upcoming NATO Summit in April, 2008 in Bucharest, Romania.
At this Bucharest summit, apparently, Kosovo and Afghanistan will be on the agenda and NATO expansion to the following, amongst any others not mentioned, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Georgia and Ukraine.
"Darfur" and the African Union also come up, according to reports I've read.
For anyone looking for "change" on ANY of the above from ANY current US politicians in the presidential farce, you are a total and complete moron.
Just the opposite.
Furthermore, expect an Armenian "genocide" resolution to be passed by Congress after the Presidential election.
In the following, reviewed, once again, the BG/Palestine/Israel Gas Deal.
I'm delighted to see others deciphering this story.
However, important pieces of information are missing in the following synopsis, pieces required to get a more accurate casual picture of events:

In my previous blogs of June 3 and June 20, 2007 I linked to numerous articles with information regarding competing Palestine Authority and Egypt's EMG/BG/Israel offshore Gas deal.
Since my previous blogspot appears on and off, (try it ocassionally and look for the above dates) I will include just one significant direct link regarding EMG from those previous entries.
I draw your attention in the following to one critical remark in the "Comment" section underneath, below, the following article:

However, I wholeheartedly disagree with the reason the author in the comment section gives for US "interest" in the deal.
Following from the preceding, more current news, regarding EMG and Ampal:

Additionally, as I pointed out, their/our newly expanded Dana Gas empire now explores for gas in Egypt.
And multibillionaire Sam Zell recently acquired a controlling interest in EMG, along with the "institutional investors" referred to above.
Then, there are/were plans by Khashoggi, Nimrodi and "other investors" to develop Gaza into a gambling, casino playground.
See my previous blog entry, January 24, 2008, below, "Our A-rabs," on this subject.
As for the progressive, secular, nationalist, socialist House(s) that Ataturk, Hussein and Nasser built, they are being deconstructed and torn down by all the above.
But, it is NOT a done deal, it is not complete.
Resistance is everywhere, except, of course, in the politically neutered US.
With the collaboration and support of ALL the above, together, and global support, it can be reversed, including the House that Lenin built, and others.