Friday, February 1, 2008


From the following press release, INCLUDING those in the RIGHT HAND BOX, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the largest single investor in Citigroup, has a very busy social life, receiving just about everybody from everywhere on the globe.

This time, Sweden.
So far, I have not been invited.
Perhaps, I should fly over and introduce myself.
I have much to say to him:

And, then, another prestigious extravaganza on the middle east free trade zone as everybody is being beaten, bombed, starved, killed, tortured by Islamic goon squads and a virtual panoply of hired guns, mercenaries, militias:

As I repeat, just about everybody who is anybody on the globe is wheeling and dealing in the GCC, presently.
"Rainmakers," as they often are called.
What is so utterly remarkable, amazing, astounding to me is that everything that's happening is totally transparent, and, yet, it goes unnoticed, unremarked upon by ALL pundits, ALL commentators, analysts and on and on.
It simply is not a factor, discounted, ignored, denied.
If this is not characteristic of an international conspiracy, I do not know what is.
It is blatantly, abundantly obvious.
It couldn't be more transparent.
Altho details can be argued, analyzed, disputed, the master plan is totally clear.
It can be easily followed from a multitude of public sources.
But, the entire world conspires to deny the obvious, because, all have economic gains in perpetuating this fiction.
Double, triple irony being, theoretically, we live in an "information age."
Yet, collusion, complicity and denial function as ever they have with a vengeance throughout history.
No different now from the past, just larger, greater, proportionally, as we live in an "information age."
Look, folks, "The Emperor Has No Clothes," shouts the child in the midst of the crowd as the Emperor passes by naked.
That's all I'm doing.
Here's one about Abraaj and a self-serving economic explanation as to why our US Fascist unions are in denial, about both Abraaj and everything else,
"Western Pension Funds Eye MENA [MiddleEastNorthAfrica] Equity":

No mystery as to cause.
Self-serving economic self-interest.
And another press release from Abraaj, the largest private equity fund in the MidEast:

These fictional narratives and denial ripple onwards and outwards into ever increasing and overlapping concentric circles, from Islamic investment, to official versions of 9/11, to US elections, choice, change, candidates, legitimizing criminal governments everywhere, and just about everything else.
Truth is an endangered species.
The GCC is getting it's first Chinese Bank.
Ukraine-Kuwait relationships expanding.
Royal Dutch Shell getting a possible contract for gas in southern Iraq to be distributed to the GCC for probable/possible further export.
Turkish-GCC ties expanding.
Gazprom being checkmated wherever and however possible.
And on and on.
I can't cover the entire globe singlehanded.