Thursday, February 14, 2008


Turkey's unilateral and independent minded military actions continue reverberating through corridors of US power upsetting their applecart, including plans for KRG separatism.

Thus, the following:
"Tension Rising in Ankara":

Turkey's domestic opposition to their "Islamic" AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises" continues mounting and resurfacing, refusing to die.
Bless Turkish nationalists, Kemalists and their opposition.
If Turkey's "Islamic" AKP government falls, collapses, militarily overturned, it would change the course of history forever and for everyone.
Implications of such an event would be far reaching, momentous, incalculable, dynamic. 

An entire Middle East project would collapse, along with everything else, an avalanche, a snowball of political and military related events cascading like dominoes throughout the Central Caucasus region, former Soviet Union, throughout the globe, as the series of reactionary Fascist/Nazi installed puppet governments disintegrates.
But, just to demonstrate to the rest of the world the utter, fantastic, incomprehensible stupidity, profound political ignorance of  "average" American citizens, following EXAMPLE from a more than "average" American is mind boggling, mind numbing, one that beggars belief:

What in God's name is Cindy Sheehan doing in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood???!!!
Who the hell put her up to this??
Was it Noam Chomsky and his ilk, perhaps?
Maybe same individual(s) who sold Venezuela's Chavez the Chomsky book which he waved around in the UN like an absolute fool and then proceeded to be suckered into his stupid referendum?
Whoever advise Chavez and Sheehan ought to be executed.
I do NOT meant that as a figure of speech.
I mean it literally.
They are spies, counterrevolutionaries and Fascist collaborators.
Morons, aiding and abetting the enemy, facilitating mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing.
If Cindy Sheehan wanted to do good, she could just cross over to the opposite side of the Mediterranean and join Turkish protests AGAINST their Islamic AKP.
Or, for that matter, join Iraq partisans, Baathists, nationalists, fighting against the "Islamic" brethren, the multitude of Iranian backed death squads, goons, militias, the Badr Brownshirts of Iraq's US installed regime.
THIS, the above, represents THE level of political awareness and sophistication in the US.
For all the endless amount of material I read on websites and blogs on the internet dissecting, explaining, elaborating, reiterating ad nauseum Fascist/Nazi aspects of interlocking US government/political/private and corporate economic interests, NONE attempts to ask or answer the question, WHY no effective organized opposition to above exists and "what is to be done."
No dialectical analysis and little, if any, history, at all.
Not an accident.

In my previous post from yesterday, I linked to a Greek general strike, (Cindy could also have done better joining them), which, as I said in that entry, would NEVER occur here.
THIS is the "missing link" in the US story.
There is an answer.
And, I've discussed it on previous entries.

Meanwhile, same day a Greek general strike occurs, coincidentally, Greek foreign minister, Dora Bakoyannis, gave a talk at the CSIS regarding the future of Southeast Europe.
If you want to access that talk, go to their website:

As for other chronic, intentional oversight, Kuwait and the US will be concluding a Free Trade Agreement shortly.
Another Arab Economic Summit in Kuwait in January, 2009.

And, here's one more "innocuous" tidbit, another insidious nail in the political and sectarian coffin,
"Jordon Imposes Visa Requirements on Iraq Refugees."
Aside from, "blaming the victim," note, in addition, in the following, it says to perform this visa service, Jordan contracted an unnamed "company in Iraq...a courier service..."!!??: