Saturday, February 16, 2008


As an occasional diversion away from my usual posts, I couldn't help pondering the other day why or what it is, precisely, which makes the Obama phenomena so uniquely frightening to me. After all, Obama is just another in a long hit parade of hypocritical, political, corporate front men.
His advisers, contributors, are all of the same ilk as that of Hillary, McCain, Bush, Cheney, et al. They overlap.
He and they are marinated in sleaze.
Obama's Chicago background is terrible.
His wife, Michelle, is another corporate front woman.
And, Obama just got the endorsement of a real Mafia style union, "Change to Win."
So, what makes the Obama campaign any different than any of the others, I asked myself?
Bush is/was transparent, a total, complete, illiterate moron, a puppet who can't even read his own lines, unlike his predecessor, Reagan, who, at least, they realized when they picked him, is a professional actor, a perfect resume for the job.
Slick Willy, Bill Clinton, is, as was said, a marketable combination of all of the above articulate, entertaining, verbal.
A good front man.
Also, there are no questions as to just who and what McCain represents.
Ditto for Hillary.
So, I thought to myself, perhaps its just the vacuousness, platitudinous and preachy aspect of Obama's style that is so particularly nauseating and distasteful to me.
I can't stand seeing or hearing him.
It's like chalk squeaking on the blackboard.
But, then, I realized, that which I find frightening is something else, a descriptive word I used in a previous post.
I had previously used the word "zombies," to describe Obama rallies.
Obama's campaign and his followers have a cult like quality to them.
It's the whiff of demagoguery, reminiscent of Nazi/Fascist rallies and followers everywhere.
I then recalled how Jared Israel at The Emperors New Clothes website was describing the performances, concerts, and pictures of Croatian Ustashe Marko Perkovic.
( )
It was then that I realized why I found Obama's campaign so uniquely frightening.
The manner in which it is organized reminds me of the above.
I am not, in this entry, making the point in a well thought out, documented manner.
I'm really making it more to throw out the idea to see if anyone else observes this and thinks its correct.
I will wait until the campaign reaches closer to my doorstep to see just who is going to these rallies, how they are organized, for some first hand research.