Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In my entry of January 15, 2008, I showed Kuwait investing directly in Albania.
(I will link to the Jan 15 post subsequently, below).
While everybody discusses Kosovo's proposed CRIMINAL government and unilateral secession, once again, they seem not to notice CURRENT economic ties and relationship between Albania/Kosovo to other criminal governments, the GCC, Kuwait, acting as a conduit/surrogate.
At my previous blog, I had links about Manas Petroleum in Albania.
There is another, Bankers Petroleum.
Of course, in addition, the fight between Gazprom and Nabucco and then, lastly, the natural resources of Kosovo.
Yet, it seems very odd and contradictory given the present circumstances surrounding Kosovo that Serbia, just last month, cancelled Iraq's debts.
Here's the link to that story which I also had in a previous blog (January 17,2008) and, note the last few lines indicating a positive relationship between Milosevic and Hussein and who built what:

IF Serbia had contemplated that Kosovo would declare independence and separatism, why would Serbia have agreed to cancel Iraq's debts?
Certainly, they know everything I have on my blog and alot more.
Wouldn't it make sense to withhold it as a bargaining tool?
Maybe, an agreement was made which now was betrayed?
Or, was it a reversal necessitated at the last minute for some other reason?
To answer the last question, there would seem to be no other last minute change, no development necessitating a reversal other than a deal between Gazprom and Serbia.
That's the only major event that occurred between January 16 and now necessitating such momentous change.
Here's the direct link to my January 15, 2008 blog, referenced above:

And for the voluminous amount of material on Kosovo's criminal background, simply go to other websites such as: and/or

No sense in reinventing the wheel.
Meanwhile, here, back at the home front, occasionally listening to C-Span's early morning call-in program, the din and cacophony of voices keeps rising with people questioning Obama's clearly orchestrated meteoric rise.
Someone who called in apparently either figured it out himself, or, got a statistic that the number of people voting in the Democratic versus the Republican primaries is 4 to 1!!
(I cannot verify this persons statistic, one way or another.)
As he said, assuming it's correct, who are these voters, from whence are they coming?
Others have noted the complete void of substance, the zombie like phenomena of the rallies, any lack of criticism by the media and so on.
One might characterize the nebulous Obama the candidate of "All Things to All People."
Or, the "Feel Good Candidate."
Finally, as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) the following two items.
First, since Americans receive virtually no major foreign news, my congratulations and acknowledgement to those in Greece who are holding an extraordinarily militant GENERAL STRIKE over pension issues:

If the US had such an event, it would be tantamount to a revolution.
And, another note.
For those such as myself who regularly rely upon Layla Anwar's blog for reports from occupied Iraq, I was dismayed to find nothing since Friday.
I was made aware, however, there is a "computer problem."
So, hang in.