Monday, February 11, 2008


The following article sums up neatly our Nabucco/South Stream/Gazprom conflict,

"Europe's Pipeline War":

Upcoming events in Kosovo, of course, as I have shown in previous blogs, closely related to the above.
And, I imagine, as well, forthcoming change in Italy's government possibly to alter the equation.
In addition, the following emanating out of the mouths of the Islamic AKP government in Turkey regarding collaboration between Islamic Iran and America's Nabucco pipeline,
"Turkey to Become Key Energy Player with Iran":

As you may recall, I had previous links to the fact that Iran, remember them, our "enemy," PROBABLY would be involved with Nabucco.
Then, in another un/under reported story, the ongoing, unabated, orchestrated, unabashed, happy partying and Islamic events in the GCC continue rolling merrily along.
Here is an upcoming, well attended, of course, February 16-18 "US-Islamic World Forum" in Doha, Qatar, at the Ritz-Carlton, (where else?):

Additionally, while other stock markets and corporations are tanking, those in the GCC are NOT.
They're just waiting and itching to re-invest their monies thru the back door of the GCC into the now depressed/suppressed bargain basement prices in other parts of the world after first orchestrating market collapse.

In the past, I highlighted a hedge firm Abraaj and its many interconnections, Dana Gas, etc.
In addition another called SHUAA which, combined together, create the largest brokerage firm in the Middle East region:

More exist, of course, but, I can only highlight a few, MOST PROMINENT.
Check out something called Investcorp, as well.
As I previously mentioned, the anti-Communist, global, pseudo-labor organization, ILO, is busily penetrating itself into the GCC and further and further into the Middle East.
The ILO just partnered with the World Bank in Jordan, a foretaste of things coming to the Middle East:

After privatizing, dispossessing and displacing people, the Middle East will complete its transition by becoming another cheap labor source.
Welcome all ye folks from previously state owned industries and nationalized economies, welcome ye to the glorious world of the free market.
Here's an upcoming " historic summit," in Dubai, of course, in April concerning privatizing Iraq's previous state industries:

As a minor aside to a larger story, Iran will list approximately 50 firms on Western stock exchanges, shortly, as Iran's privatization continues along.
(See the Tehran Times)
Meanwhile, as commented upon in my previous blog, February 6, below, "The Great White Hope," or, the preacher man, which I "hope" you can access, Obama, thinks its just fine and dandy that he will foster positive relationships with the "Islamic" world.
Never mind that's already happened.
And, since I am mentioning Obama, a number of folks who have telephoned into C-Span lately have also noted or come to the conclusion that "something smells rotten in the state of Denmark" about Obama's state primary caucus winnings.
I'm going to use Obama to segue into the following EXCELLENT article which appeared on uruknet by Keith Harmon Snow.
More articles available by the same author, including two about Darfur, to which I will link afterwards,
"Gertler's Bling Bang Torah Gang: Israel & The Ongoing Holocaust in Congo, Part 1":


Here are his Darfur pieces:

A fine example of what journalism could and SHOULD be.
And, as part of our new found Islamic love affair, or, silence, there is/was the abominable vote in Turkey this weekend.
As many articles say, more tension between Turkey's opposition and the AKP to ensue.
Again, the opposition can expect NO support or help from the US, except, of course, my lonely little blog.
Indeed, the US "opposition" and "resistance" is despicable, despicable in every single way, at every single opportunity.