Thursday, February 7, 2008


Since my February 6 entry, which I posted below at my previous website, apparently, STILL CONTINUES to have sporadic difficulties with public access, I will recapitulate and reincorporate SOME of what I had in it, here, as well.
In my February 6 entry, I reiterated total and complete lack of support by ANYONE in the US, with the one possible, lone exception of myself, for Turkey's previous, HISTORIC massive demonstrations, millions upon millions of people, AGAINST the rise of a Fascist, "Islamic" AKP and their "passion to sell state enterprises," effectively deconstructing and taking a sledge hammer to the House that Ataturk built.
Further demonstrations occurring in Turkey, right now.
NO ORGANIZED support to Turkey's demonstrators forthcoming from US "opposition," whatsoever.
Expect none.
In my previous blog, also, I had linked to an article indicating an accelerated rate of foreign ownership in Turkey's stock exchange up to approximately 72%, since the AKP came to power. And, of course, in previous blogs, I had followed Citigroup's acquisition of Turkey's Akbank and many more Turkish privatizations and their economic interconnectedness, including Iran's Parsian Bank.
And, I said, the war between Turkey's independent minded military, nationalist, secular, Kemalist opposition and the Fascist KRG (Kurdistan Regional Govt) will accelerate, with deep implications both for Turkey, internally, and, regionally.
The confrontation and acceleration occurring.
The US ruling class now totally caught between the pincers of Turkey's military, which acts independently, much to US chagrin and hand wringing and US support for the KRG/PKK/AKP and further regional separatism and fragmentation.
Turkey's military completely overturned the applecart.
The Kirkuk referendum now postponed, presumably, another year or so.
I consider it an indefinite, vague, ambiguous postponement.
Oil contract authority still disputed between the KRG and Baghdad, with recriminations and threats on all sides.
referendum postponement, authority around oil contracts, the Between these three developments, increasing tension, escalating Turkish air strikes, KirkukKRG threatening to withdraw from the other Fascist, Iranian-American puppet central government in Baghdad, with further enormous implications.
Simultaneously, the explosive Fascist Kosovo and Albanian state issue comes to a boil.
(See my entry from Feb 4 on this blog regarding Kosovo links).
On the Baltic side, JBANC continues its efforts.
Consider the following NOT as a hypothetical alternative as its presented, but, rather, as strategy, "Amber Project Not Alternative to Nord Stream,"
(methinks he doth protest too much):

On JBANC's website, one can read Hillary's responses to JBANC's questionnaire sent to all Presidential candidates.
Only Hillary responded, but, you can rest assured, all other responses will be similar:

Meanwhile, as I previously pointed out, both Germany and France will participate in south Europe Nabucco gas pipeline project, with Iran indicating its desire to "possibly" participate, as well.
The Armenian issue also part and parcel of all this, with both Turkey and Russia opposed to the Armenian Genocide Resolution, sure to come up and voted for in the American Congress, this time around.
This will open up a further can of worms, a license to further regional destabilization, partition, fragmentation, disputed territorial claims, claims of economic reparation, etc. and so on.
In a somewhat related matter, in case you could not open my February 6 blog, I will reinsert a very ominous warning regarding Moldova, NATO, Russia, Communists, the apogee of counter-revolution, Fascist ethnic and political cleansing and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, from the editor of a newspaper, "Moldova Must Get Rid well":

Finally, in case you have not been able to access my previous blog from Feb 6, below, I will repeat a link I dedicated to the wonderful person who helped me at least partially unblock my previous blog AND to the Pan-Arab Baath Socialist Party and the true meaning of resistance. Here's a direct link, Elections in Pakistan, 2008:

In case you cannot open the above link for any reason, click on the embedded link in red type, "Accompanying Pamphlet" in the following "Elections in Pakistan, 2008,"
(it's the same as the preceding direct link):

As I said in my previous blog, do not expect any ORGANIZED US support to any of the above, resistance, opposition, whatever.
Nothing will be forthcoming, zero, except for a few lonely individuals, such as myself.