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This is dedicated to someone special in cyberspace.
The following is my suggested new national USA anthem and also from one of Bob Fosse's
("All That Jazz") many inspired productions, Cabaret.
I arbitrarily selected one of its numerous versions, "Tomorrow Belongs To Us,"

Whenever hearing or seeing the nebulous Obama mafia campaign slogans, like, "Yes We Can" or from our Fascist labor unions who support him, like
SEIU's "Change to Win," substitute or sing along the above refrain from Cabaret.
Stand up and salute while doing so, especially if you are attending one of Obummers
numerous Hitler Youth rallies.
Likewise, the McCain campaign.
Flip sides of the same coin.
As for this last comment, those reading my blog for some time know I had predicted, from the very inception of the Democratic Primaries, that
Obummer was planted in the Democratic Party by the Republicans in order to lose.
He is/was the ringer, the throwaway candidate.
Everyone is about to witness exactly how this will play itself out and why he was chosen.
All I am already hearing and you will hear/see about him, if you haven't already, was known from the beginning and planned accordingly. Character assassination, based on real facts, woven together to create an irrefutable scenario and lots of patriotic jingoism and fear.
One which Obama cannot refute because he is bought, purchased and paid for in his own Fascist sleaze. He is captive of his own fictional campaign. That's how Obama will go down.
But, it takes two to tango in presenting false Left/Right dichotomies and definitions which passes for substantive political and economic programs, here, in the US.
So, for the collaborators, about which I've said much in previous blogs. Following is an excellent example of just such collaborative, ideological
I had to force myself to listen to this nauseating, sickening apologetics, rationalization and garbage.
Before linking to it, let me preface with one caveat.
Naomi Klein, in the following, defines herself as a journalist.
That's how she, not I, characterizes herself.
So, just what is journalism?
Journalism is contemporary history, commentary and analysis on immediate events in a sometimes quick, erratic,
tumultuously flowing river of space/time without luxury or benefit of hindsight, data, multiple sources, voluminous first hand and secondary research material that is dead, dormant, unchanged, except through interpretation and the addition of newly discovered sources.
Thus, it behooves a self-defined or paid journalist if he or she TRIES to record
current history, to get his/her information, facts, data, sources as accurate, as comprehensive, as possible, since he/she is attempting to record and hypothesize current sequential cause and effect relationships for posterity as well as for one's own immediate analysis, program, action, direction, response.
By definition from the above, journalistic error is unavoidable.
But, some errors are egregious, conscious, intentional.
And, when conspicuous, chronic factual error, deletion, selection, omission,
comission, distortion, rationalization and denial becomes a methodological pattern then the meaning, purpose and definition of journalism is refuted.
What is practiced is something else.
I reserve further comment on that last point until after you read/listen to the following.

The heading, by itself, is an ideologically explosive, value laden, cause and effect equivalence, a hint of what is to come and precisely what I am criticizing, above, "Wall St Crisis Should Be For
Neoliberalism What Fall of Berlin Wall Was for Communism," from "DemocratsNow," or, "Disinformation Now,"

Now, I do not have the luxury of resources, income and time that Ms. Klein has at her disposal to do fact checks, research, etc.
So, by definition, I must be more circumspect in my analysis and what I chose to highlight.
Thus, I will point out only two glaring, conspicuous, misleading statements she made, above, about which there is ubiquitous, clear knowledge.
First, she, as others from the fake Left, neglect to mention the FACT that ALL of the proposed and enacted, universal, Democratic health care plan(s), whether it be
Obummer or others, maintain our private, for-profit, health care insurance industry.
That is their primary purpose. Once again, all the present and existing, Democratic health care plans subsidize the existence, maintenance and perpetuation, with taxpayer subsidies, of our private, for-profit, health care insurance industry.
But, this minor fact is glossed over.
Next, she referenced a situation in Pennsylvania in which one of our main, taxpayer built and maintained, public highway/roads was planned for sale and privatization.
Well, this was a Democratic proposition in Pennsylvania and it was opposed by the Republicans.
Putting it into context is a bit more complicated than the simple, out of context, statement she made.
I cannot go into all the machinations in the state of Pennsylvania.
Simply put, it related to needed funds to finance our chronically limited public transportation system, located primarily, in Philadelphia.
Suffice it to say, the initial proposition was questionable for many reasons, it was a last minute and last ditch political ploy surrounding funding of public transportation, the state is Democratically run, and taxpayer subsidies of private industry abound particularly in Philadelphia.
For my limited purposes of time and energy, I can not dissect all of Klein's address, above, piece by piece.
Instead, I will move on to related, intersecting topics. On Sunday, October 5, on C-Span's early morning talk program, Washington Journal, Sheila
Krumholz from the Center for Responsive Politics appeared to discuss Congressional campaign contributions from our private financial industry to members all who voted for the financial bailout.
Her approximate half hour interview is available on the C-Span website, to which I will link, momentarily.
But, if you have any difficulty accessing the interview or do not wish to spend a half hour listening to it, I will link directly to their/her website and one of the charts she used from it, as well, and, a list of the Top 20 Congressional Members and what they received,

And, once again, if you wish to hear her interview on C-Span, when going to their website, look for the box on the lower left hand corner of their homepage, under "Recent Programs," and scroll down it until you see her name and organization, above.
At the moment, it is located on page 2, but, that will change as more programs are added,

While the financial industry contributes tons of money, just as much comes from the health care insurance industry.
I have heard estimates it is the third largest lobbyist group in the US.
I do not know if that is accurate, but, it is certainly in the Top 10, for sure. It is a lucrative, cash cow, as I have said many times, which is why it is not touched by either Party and our Fascist, collaborative labor unions.

Meanwhile, updates on some related events and prognostications.

As expected, Citigroup is suing Wachovia for $60 Billion after Wachovia reneged on their deal and made a latter arrangement to be purchased by Wells Fargo. Needless to say, this is being negotiated as I write.
I can assure everyone,
Citigroup will win, or, at minimum, come out on top with a mostly winning compromise.

Then, the
ubiquitous JP Morgan, is being accused for Lehman's demise. Numerous info on this, everywhere, including the London Times. Here's one link,

Next, an interesting one, "US Asks Kuwait for Bailout Help,"

And while on the above subject, events in our forgotten and neglected Eurasian, Middle East "War Zone," and our "emerging" economic privatization bubbles, to whence the money is flowing.

Escalating PKK attacks and Turkey's response. I realize this probably is well covered in Europe, but, NOT here. So, a couple of important links on this subject,


And, here are a few other links on related matters I have been following, simply listed for convenience:

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, our roving, unofficial ambassador, is the top private investor in the Saudi Stock Exchange and, I might add, in Citigroup, as well,

Nabucco and Iranian gas,

And yet another amongst the many proliferating GCC conferences in October with NATO parliamentarians and, guess who, this time, Scott Ritter, on Middle East development, etc.

What goes down, in this case, the Stock Exchange, here and abroad, will go up after assets are purchased at artificially depressed bargain basement prices by offshore, recycled cash from those above in the private money-go-round.
And, please, one more comment.
I wish everyone would use the correct terminology so it can be properly identified, intellectually.
The name of the game is NOT globalization but privatization.
occurred when Christopher Columbus first stepped onto the "New World."
The process we now have is good, old, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, privatization.

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