Thursday, October 16, 2008


The real news in the US Presidential Fascist s-election campaign is our Fascist led, union cannabalizing and union raiding, privatizing, pension fund investing, self-serving, sweetheart contracts of the Andy Stern led SEIU, "Change to Win," mafia, anti-labor, strong arm, intimidating gang, which supports the Obummer campaign, versus Independent Ralph Nader's growing support and contest amongst vast swaths of America's fed up, unrepresented and underrepresented working class population, and, as well, Cynthia McKinney from the Green Party.
It's becoming a fast stampede, an exodus, away, out from under the corporate, two party, totally corrupt Fascist duopoly.

That's the real event.
A potential, growing, mounting, snowballing independent class movement, coalescing and challenging the Andy Stern gang's criminal monopoly and stranglehold as represented above and the role he/they play as the fake Opposition in America's politics.

WITHOUT THE ANDY STERN GANG and labor's other, general Fascist led organized umbrella organization, the AFL-CIO, under which the Stern gang operates, or, collaborates, our Vichy, Democratic mafia campaign would totally collapse.
They have no one else.
They are completely bankrupt.
And, they represent less than 13% of the American labor force.

The new guy on the block, the Stern gang, is even more aggressive, expansive, vitriolic and blatantly corrupt than their senior partners in organized Fascist labor and corporate crime.
And, the Stern gang is expanding its tentacles and reach internationally.

The Andy Stern Fascist labor front gang is hated in Puerto Rico, where they sabotaged Puerto Rico's largest, independent, trade union, the Puerto Rican Teachers Union, and their strike and challenge to privatization.
They are detested in California.
This list goes on.
Their own rank and file, local union membership is at war with their Andy Stern's gang leadership, which has further and further centralized and consolidated their grip on national and international union power, coincident to the concentration and consolidation of international and national private capital under rubric of orchestrated financial collapse.

Total, complete, abyssmal, class betrayal, collaboration, cooptation with strong arm, mafia style, intimidation and corporate, government sweatheart deals, the reciprocity for their services.

THIS is what characterizes the Obummer Fascist campaign and who and what they represent.
But, this/their absolute control, credibility, hypocrisy and many contradictions are being eroded, challenged and exposed by the slow, steady, drip, drip, drip of the Independent campaigns of Nader, and then, Cynthia McKinney.

And, that's the only good news from out of the US.
And, as a little historical reminder for the Obummer mafia and the Stern gang, above, I will end with the following from Paul Robeson

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