Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Once again, while US Neanderthals and morons at an intellectual level of about 8 years old, here and elsewhere, I might add, rant and rave and focus on some diversionary, titillating, sensational aspects, garbage and half truths of Sarah Palin's life, the REAL story, which I have discussed in numerous previous blogs, is the ALASKAN GAS PIPELINE deal she negotiated, totally ignored by everyone ranting and raving, intentionally.

Another total diversion amongst so many others.

So, the following two EXPLOSIVE links concern Gazprom negotiations with BP, ConocoPhilips, Exxon and their Alaskan gas pipeline, the pipeline which Palin did NOT support.
First, a simple one from June, 2008:

Then, UPDATED, with immediate, current information:

Sarah Palin needs to return to Alaska, where she would be more useful and grow herself, rather than become a stooge and a pawn in the obscenities of national politics.

But, my response, once again, to the above proposal.
Why do we need Gazprom, BP, Conoco Phillips and Exxon to sell our own natural resources to ourselves and others and why the hell are we developing the extraordinarily dangerous and uneconomical LNG either here or for export?
To add insult to injury, at the very heart, the nub of the issue, why do we engage with a semi-state enterprise, Gazprom, when we have NO state enterprise, here, with whom to partner?
Once more, I repeat, Americans are the biggest, dumbest bunch of suckers and idiots on the planet!!
But, go ahead.
Scream your stupid heads off over Sarah Palin.

You will be kicked, hard, good in the ass, as you are already.
And, you will get more.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, adding to the ongoing story of Middle East SuperReturns, GCC, MENASA privatization and speculative bubble, now comes, in addition, the Middle East Money Summit, with further links at the bottom:

They really should have a conference appropriately entitled, Middle East Money-Go-Round.

By the way, there's something everyone should notice.
In all these many instances to which I have linked, you will notice, Israel is NOT present.
Of course, indirectly, they are represented by the many interlocking, overlapping financial institutions who invest in, own and control Israel, such as Stanley Fischer from Citigroup, Governor of the Bank of Israel, and, then, Egypt's EMG-Israel gas deal, over which there was a nice little war.
But, I believe, Israel's prominence is about to diminish, correspondingly.
What will everybody do when they no longer have the monolithic Israel lobby to kick around.
I'm sure they'll find a substitute.

Of course, they haven't managed to find the one, above, so far, either.

Meanwhile, on the subject of monolithic, Abraaj now controls the entire electrical supply for the city of Karachi, Pakistan:

These open secrets and obscenities multiply.
While the nerve center, the coordinating center for the greater, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, Fascist privatization program is located in the GCC, their EXPENDABLE Nazi shock troops are provided courtesy of Iran, the KRG, in collaboration with the US military and American taxpayer dollars.

The participants in the many conferences above are NOT expendable, as you may notice, never getting their hands dirty.
But, their hired, rented, barbarians and goon squads are expendable.
They come and go, depending on circumstances and use value.
They can be liquidated, exchanged, substituted, interchangeable cogs for the good of the greater objective, above.

So, on this related subject, the following two links:
First, on Maliki:

Then, as usual, ever eloquent on Christian, religious Iraqi persecutions:

Striking, isn't it, ALL the many systemic critiques and analyses I see and read rarely, if ever, mention ALL or most of the many, but, obvious, factors above.

ALL Fascist, global, privatization projects MUST BE HALTED, STOPPED, TURNED BACK, REVERSED, DEFEATED.
Universal. No exceptions.
Assets, resources and industries which have been privatized and expropriated must be re-appropriated, renationalized, collectivized and nationalization expanded to areas where it presently does not exist.

In particular, in Iraq, there is only one acceptable solution.
Restoration of Iraqi's original Constitution, the one trashed upon occupation and invasion.
Assure Iraq's territorial integrity.
Restoration of the Baath Arab Socialist Party.
Renationalisation of everything.
Prosecution of all those who have committed war crimes, atrocities and crimes against humanity.
And, in addition, some sort of orderly schedule for monetary, physical restitution, payment and/or assistance in reconstruction to be subsequently negotiated.

If this is not done, our planet and its natural and human resources will continue to be raped, pillaged, plundered, squandered, abused, decimated in the name of ever increasing profits, consumption, expanding markets, unbridled growth and cheap, expendable, throwaway, redundant wage slave labor.

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