Monday, April 7, 2008


The following, simple, brief, basic, fundamental reminder, recapitulation and chronology.

In my March 9, 2008 entry, I commented on Iranian Ahmadimidget's visit to Iraq's Baghdad where Ahmadimidget met both with Maliki and Iranian/Iraq "National Security Advisor," Muwafak Al-Rubaie.
In that March 9 entry, to which I will link, momentarily, I linked both to Layla Anwar's report of the conversations that ensued between Maliki, Ahmadimidget, and, I guess, Rubaie, and I noted it was no coincidence that Rubaie was present, along with Maliki.
Rubaie's presence is/was significant.
Rubaie, formerly, was a featured, guest speaker at America's CSIS on October 5, 2007, on which I reported in my entry of October 6, 2007, both preceding links provided in the following March 9, 2008 entry:

Within only a couple of weeks, shortly on the heels of the preceding events of March 9, 2008, a followup meeting occured between Cheney and Maliki.
Then, on my blog of March 26, 2008, I had a link to a deal cut between Maliki, Cheney, Barzani:

Keep the specifics of that "deal" in mind, along with the other factors I noted in my previous blog of March 26, 2008.
Many events ensued in the short space between now and then.

In the most recent development, the Butcher of Baghdad, "Sadr Party Faces Rising Isolation":

And, then, the coup de grace or denouement, "Sadr to Disband Militias If Ordered By Clerics":

This is THE script, above.
If Sadr does not oblige, which I find impossible to imagine, he can begin counting his rosary beads, immediately.