Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Following events everywhere, an interesting article related to Jordan's privatization and the UAE, "Controversy in Jordan over Hidden Privatisation Deals," referring to the Red Sea port of Aqaba:

The UAE firm is Abu Dhabi's Al-Maabar. The manager for the bidding process is America's Bearing Point:

Regarding Turkey's ongoing privatization battles, at Turkey's recent "Trade Winds Conference," "US Companies Plan Expansion to Turkey":

However, the "Turkish crisis" continues unfolding and Turkey's military has just bombed PKK terrorists in the Kurdistan region.

The following emanates directly back and is consistent with the "deal" referred to in my previous blog entries from March 26, 2008, "Mopping Up" and its recapitulation on April 7, 2008 and impacts, as well, on developments within Turkey, "Kurds Snatch New Concessions on Oil & Militias":

And, another, major, very important development, indicative of coming events, the "First Persia Fund":

I think it's notable Morgan Stanley is named, above. For some previous comments about Morgan Stanley, see my blog from March 19, 2008:
(By the way, a typo error. Bear Sterns is spelled Bear Stearns. Sorry. No proofreaders or copyeditors).

Meanwhile, back here, in the home of international Fascism, everybody with whom I speak who has the slightest brain, including some folks who telephone into C-Span, see clearly the American Presidential campaign is a fixed one, the outcome predetermined. McCain. Everybody knows it. The Republican sponsored, Karl Rove orchestrated, mafia Obama campaign is the secret weapon designed to detonate and destruct the Democratic Party and the Hillary campaign. The "great uniter" is the "great divider." His nauseating face is plastered everywhere. He makes me puke. I can't stand to see or hear him.

Further expendable Nazis, as I said on previous blog from a couple of days ago, April 14, 2008 "The Iraq Exit Strategy," are Sadr, Ahmadimidget and his Republican Guards. This is not, however, necessarily going to assist the Arab resistance, since accomodation with Iran is pending, forthwith, and with it, greater "international" cooperation, especially as oil deals are reached. Here, for example, is a short list of what I mean:

Sadr, Ahmadimidget and his Republican Guards, as they will discover, are no match for JP Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and their international consortium of private propertied friends, who never get their own hands personally dirty. They leave the fighting, instead, to others, like the barbarians, above.

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