Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Reality becomes inverted, upside down, distorted through the looking glass mirror, when one lives in the US.
So, it comes as a surprise to Americans that Iran "might just be," involved with Iraq.
The multitude of sources, supposedly Left, Right and in between, continue to deny this truism and fact that Iraq's militias are funded, trained and equipped by Iran, that the Iranian backed Iraq militias are engaged in mass expropriation, dislocation, relocation, genocidal removal, barbaric ethnic cleansing, ghettos and torture techniques, similar to the Nazis.
This time around, however, instead of Germans and Jews, they happen to be Arabs.
They are Arab Sunnis, or, Sunni Arabs.
The other time, they were Germans.
Germans who happened to be Jewish.
But, then, there were others, from Communists to Gypsies.
In the US, altho we did not kill them, Japanese were rounded up in WWII and put into "internment camps."
And more.
In addition, while great consternation and hand wringing exists in the US at the "outsourcing" of the military to private contractors, in effect, the greatest outsourcing by the US was the entire occupation of Iraq to Iran. It makes the other outsourcing look like peanuts.
So, everyone who accepts, supports, validates, sanitizes and legitimizes the present Iranian dominated Iraq government and any of the militias who constitute this government, including Sadr, are, de facto, supporting all the above.
There can and will be NO resolution and no justice to this situation as long as support is given to those above, while opposing the US.
Acknowledging the realities of both occupations is a necessity for a solution, one that includes an absolute NO BOTH to Iran and US occupation and expansion, everywhere, restoration of the Iraqi State to its internally displaced population and exiled Arab emigres, guarantees of Iraq's territorial integrity and sovereignty, re-nationalization of Iraq's industries, international justice and reparation for war crimes.
This is true not just for Iraq, but, for everywhere else, from Kosovo onwards.
Next, for Alice in Wonderland, the latest, extraordinary Turkish developments, "Turk Unions Launch Mass Protests...":


Of course, absolutely NO acknowledgment, recognition or support forthcoming from anyone here in the US, whatsoever, except me.
They don't even know it's happening, much less support it?
Simultaneous with the above, as if that weren't sufficient unto itself, an unfolding "crisis" regarding Turkish courts versus their "ISLAMIC" AKP, ruling party:


Doesn't anybody in this world except my blog correlate the breathtaking and stunning developments in Turkey to events happening elsewhere in the region, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran.
How about, for example, another major General Strike looming in the nearby vicinity of Turkey for May 7 in LEBANON, and, as the article notes, with political overtones and resistance to privatization:


Is this not contagious?
And, what if they all "united?"
Which is exactly about which "they" are most worried and why Alice in Wonderland hears and sees nothing here except her image reflected back in the Looking Glass?
What about a program for the US, in addition to the above regarding Iraq? How about NO more colored revolutions, clandestine meddling into the internal affairs of other countries.
NO expansion of NATO.
Closure of ALL American military bases overseas.
Further, first and foremost, liquidation of the primary industries benefiting from war and war crimes, expansion of the public sector, full employment, nationalization of all basic industry, from military to money to energy to natural resources, steel, etc., and completely free continuing education for all.
How's that just for starters?
Lastly, I will just add two more links too good to resist as a footnote regarding Iraq.
One, about Chalabi and Sadr:


And the other, a Herculean translation service provided for our English language readers, "Debunking Muqtada...":