Sunday, April 20, 2008


No such award exists.
I made it up.
Also, in previous blogs, I made up the Bertolt Brecht Award for Layla Anwar's outstanding, and, fortunate for us/me, arabwomanblues blogspot in ENGLISH!
This time, I decided Layla Anwar should get the George Seldes Award, if such existed, which it does not, but, should.
It would be a real distinction.
George Seldes name might not be a household word, familiar to the entire world, but, he is and was well known by anyone studying WWII and US history.
I think, in the following links, one will easily agree why the subject matter of both George Seldes and Layla Anwar and, my own blog, as well, coincides and why George Seldes would most certainly, if he were alive today, give Layla a distinctive acknowledgment.
As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

First, Layla's most recent, superb, excellent exposition and reporting:

Be sure to have read the above, first, carefully.
Then, contrast and compare Layla's blog to some brief excerpts from George Seldes, 1943, self-published book, a compilation from his previous journalism, "Facts and Fascism":

Not excerpted, above, unfortunately, are the actual dollar amounts loaned to European Fascists by major American financial institutions, critical to keeping afloat the Fascist project.
This is itemized in great detail elsewhere in Seldes book.

So, into this historical continuum, for that is what it is, comes a new book, "Superclass," written by an unlikely source, one would think, David Rothkopf, former director of the equally Fascist Kissinger Associates.
Rothkopf gave a talk about his new book on April 9, 2008, at the misnamed Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
(Andrew Carnegie became one of the wealthiest men in the US, a steel baron in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the late 1890s which then merged with JP Morgan to form US Steel).

At the following link one can access Rothkopf's talk by any number of different ways, including a transcript link on the right hand sidebar.
Why do I bother to note this book and his talk.
Well, needless to say, Mr. Rothkopf will and did not discuss history in the manner of Layla's blog, George Seldes or my own posts.
But, as you will see, out of the horse's mouth, that is, Rothkopf, he reaffirms statistics, facts, figures, numbers and analysis of the "elite" private, global, propertied individuals and institutions, who, by virtue of their ownership of resources, production and finance, control, determine and make policy throughout the globe.
They are "supranational."
But, apparently Mr. Rothkopf wrote his book because he's worried about an international "backlash," in particular, re-nationalization.

So, here's the link, reminder, transcript available on right hand sidebar:,zgp&proj=zusr

Further, in my previous blog of April 16, 2008, discussing establishment of a First Persia Fund, I suggested that Ahmadimidget, Sadr and his/their Iranian militias, no longer useful and an impediment, were no match for Citigroup, JP Morgan and their international cohorts.
The above confirms and explains very well what I mean.
These are concrete facts expressing real power relationships in the real world and not wishful, fanciful or fictional thinking.
As long as the above property relationships exist, power is ceded to those above, by definition.

And, by the way, a little aside.
Citigroup, happy to have an excuse to shed it's bloated, redundant and expensive workforce in the US, London and elsewhere, is, nonetheless, EXPANDING and maintaining their workforce in the Middle East and the GCC in anticipation of its regional speculative bubble, as I've called it, destined for "transformation" and expanded privatization, unless, of course, those pesky Arabs, Turks and their respective workers, opposition and resistance overturn the best laid plans of reactionary mice and men:

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