Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Plans being made for another major, general strike in Egypt on May 4, 2008, despite overwhelming odds and enormous government repression.

Around the same time, only three days later, May 7, a general strike looms for Lebanon.
In addition, the ongoing Turkish crisis continues escalating.
A few more irresistible snippets on Turkey's historic struggle, "Ricochet From Turmoil of 1970s":


And "Judicial Coup Could Lead to Political Turmoil":


If the above all doesn't represent regional and Arab resistance, I don't know what does.
All the preceding, above, which gets absolutely zero support from the fake Left, everywhere, COMBINED with regional events in Kurdistan and southern Iraq, which I've highlighted in my previous entries,
April 7, 2008:


necessitates an urgent and immediate military response, which is why the US and NATO not only will remain in the region, but, escalate, why the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr, will be liquidated if he does not go along with "the program," and why McCain will win in the US.

It is why the phony shibboleth by the other fake opposition, the Democrats, regarding a "political solution" for Iraq is total, complete, false empty rhetoric.
And, they know it.
It is all for purposes of partisan, political posturing.
There IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION, unless, suddenly, they were to capitulate and renounce an entire reactionary, counter-revolutionary economic agenda, which, of course, is an absurd expectation.

For all these reasons and more, it has already been decided that military professional, McCain, will be the next American President, Commander in Chief, and, I might add, one who will NOT maintain that very "special" relationship with Iran that the Bush Administration had for their own economic gains and strategic purposes.

If Iran's proxies and surrogates get in the way in Iraq and elsewhere, they will be eliminated.
The American military establishment considers the present CIVILIAN Bush Administration to be a military impediment, precisely because of the Bush/Cheney crowds collaborative accommodation to/with Iran and its proxy militias.
And everybody, including Putin, who has collaborated with Ahmadinejad and Iran's ethnic cleansing and genocidal polices in Iraq, is going to suffer the consequences.
Nobody will be able to say one word in defense of Iranian policy and its Nazi surrogates in Iraq, or, elsewhere, particularly, but, not limited to, the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr.

So, a word to Sadr's advisors.
If they/he believe their current threats, theatrics and military shenanigans are going to do anything to help them in the US, they are in for some big surprises.