Monday, April 28, 2008


I get very, very tired of hearing redundant analysis coming out of various sources here, but, elsewhere, as well, about the obvious, terrible this or that policy, America, the system, covert activities, etc. Yet, these very SAME sources, for the most part, NEVER manage to find and exercise overt, active support for ANY RESISTANCE ANYWHERE of any kind, whatsoever, here, there, nowhere. Consequently, I couldn't care less what happens to all and any of them. As far as I'm concerned, they get what they deserve. So, flowing from my previous blogs, "Turkish Unions and Government in Dangerous Standoff": Additional reading on the right hand sidebar as well as other sources. And, of course, in addition, the upcoming Egypt, Lebanon general strikes, as well. Then, clearly and concisely, what is already known, the obvious, regarding the repercussions of Iraq's sectarianism, ethnic cleansing, militias, etc.,"Iraqis Want To Revise Constitution and US Warplanes Bomb Iraq": Further along these same lines, commenting from the Turkish press,"Iraq, Kirkuk and the PKK": And, lastly, some additional commentary from my previous blog, regarding a potential military confrontation between Georgia and Russia: Against this backdrop of human death and destruction, "What's it all about, Alfie?" Why? Who gains? Again, the obvious nobody can seem to locate, just like Iran's militias in Iraq. While the above occurs, just a few more highlights from that which is right in front of everyone's noses. The following two articles BOTH happen to deal with Abraaj Capital (about which I've written so much previously, Crescent Oil, Dana Gas, etc.,) and the renowned Carlyle Group in the Middle East, "Changing the Regional Financial Landscape": and "Private Equity Spoilt For Choice": And, the Financial Times has JUST, today, added a new, Middle Eastern version of its own. The Kuwait Foreign Minister continues holding talks with his counterpart in Albania, and, as well, conferences in Poland, "Kuwait Ambassador Addresses Seminar in Warsaw..." Furthermore, you suckers, the "private capital" in the Middle East, represented above, will be recycled, reinvested into the now intentionally bankrupted and deeply depressed prices of industry and corporations in the US and Europe, thanks to the low US dollar, also. I have no need to add to further idle speculation and hypotheses on this or that particular event or detail over which I have little, if no concrete, factual information, when ALL of the above is abundantly, openly and clearly fact. Now, it seems, Russia and Putin appear to be somewhat perturbed by the recent turn of developments surrounding their dalliance with their Fascist client state, Ahmadimiget's Iran, his/their policies, their destabilizing, unwanted, undesirable, repercussions: Well, too bad. I said once before, collaborating and cooperating with Fascism is like being alittle bit pregnant. If Putin/Russia is perturbed he/they can do something. He can say, STOP IT! He can say he does NOT recognize this so-called government in Iraq. He can call a spade a spade. He has leverage. But, of course, Lukoil is invited into Iraq. As well, Iran has dangled a gas contract offer to Gazprom. And, of course, Gazprom is caught in the encirclement game of the West. Related to this subject matter, some current news and a reminder, reverting back to the initial reason why the US and NATO invaded and occupied Afghanistan in the first place, the TAP pipeline, events of 9/11, the fiction of why Bin Laden and Al-Queda were held responsible for 9/11: A few notes on the proceeding. The deal to which the preceding article makes reference at the very bottom, bringing gas to Pakistan from the Arabian Sea, is, of course, tied in to the Gulf, UAE economies and Western investment circle, above, much discussed in previous blogs. And, one further footnote, since Al-Queda, or, what is being labelled Al-Queda, has reemerged in the news, again. My HYPOTHESIS as to why Bin Laden, who, as everybody knew, was a CIA asset, needed to be eliminated, was his support for a rival, Argentine bidder, Bridas, regarding the then proposed TAP pipeline and the economic demands Bin Laden was making, exorbitant, from their point of view, for transit fees upwards to a billion dollars or more as well as further economic concessions, such as control of the pipeline, a national company, etc. Bridas agreed to much or most of his/their demands, I believe. And, Bridas was willing, apparently, to finance the pipeline themselves. Unocal and the other consortium, which included Saudis, as well as some others, did not. So, ownership, competition and the economic specifics over the TAP pipeline was at the nub of the dispute and the reason necessitating direct, military intervention to eliminate Bin Laden. 9/11 was a manufactured event and narrative for this purpose.

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