Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not only Tunisia and Algeria, but, in BANGLADESH INVESTORS RIOT outside their own STOCK MARKET which collapsed this past Monday.
Below, three different reports on the same event:


The third one below is the one I like best because it clearly categorizes this as another SPECULATIVE BUBBLE, banana republic and bunch of suckers, which it is and they are, just like a gambling casino.
The game is rigged, fixed.
The "HOUSE" ALWAYS WINS while a few crumbs fall off the table for others to create an ILLUSION of get rich quick schemes:


Much more similar "successes" riding on a stable of traitorous, treacherous NAZI lackeys, scumbags, despotic Middle East/North Africa "emerging markets"
and their SPECULATIVE BUBBLE, "FREE MARKET," PRIVATIZING DICTATORSHIPS with Iraq, Iran, Egypt, the GCC and Turkey as their centerpiece.
Here's the latest WHOLESALE SELL OFF AND OUT from NAZI TURKEY ISLAMIC AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises" PRIVATIZATION PLANS:


All are ILLEGITIMATE, despotic, criminal NAZI governments.
ALL our collaborationist and ersatz ostrich opposition SAY or DO NOTHING whatsoever about it.
The more important, the less they say or do, inverse arithmetic proportionality.
Instead, they blow smoke and mirrors, diversionary tactics, providing legitimacy to illegitimate, criminal, direct ASSET APPROPRIATION and THEFT via state COUP, coercion, legalizing and codifying THEIR PRIVATE industrial and natural resource APPROPRIATION.


Following from the above topic, I thought I would add, one, brief note, reminder, about our thoroughly disgusting, deplorable, debased, CYNICAL HYPOCRITES above who employ consistent tactics of ad hominem, personal attack, and false characterizations of Sarah Palin as THEIR/A whipping boy, poster child.
This is THEIR modus operandi.
They do the same FOR EVERYONE, international included, of course.
Sarah Palin has and had NOTHING whatsoever to do with THEIR policies and/or its repercussions!!
Not once do they EVER discuss substantive POLICY.
Sarah Palin's basic, fundamental problem being she is NOT SOPHISTICATED and naively BELIEVES her own rhetoric, illusory, mythical versions of US propaganda, history, competitive free markets, etc.
Within her own framework, Gestalt, she is very consistent about it, UNLIKE those above who KNOWINGLY are complete, total, cynical, devious, two faced hypocrites about EVERYTHING.
One thing is sure.
Palin is certainly NO worse than these opportunistic, OBSTRUCTIONIST, scumbags.
As I pointed out in previous posts, Exxon, for example is/was NOT a member of former Alaska Governor Palin's fan club when Palin attempted to negotiate new contracts and pipelines NOT to their liking, breaking Alaskan cartel strangleholds.
ALITTLE like, or, parallel to, present day Israel Sheshinski Committee energy recommendations.
Not exactly, precisely the same, of course, but, some similarities.
In that sense, Palin remains consistent to a mythological "free market" ideology, ideas of competition, false "patriotism," etc.
Of course, she never could, can or will make an ideological, theoretical jump to nationalize the entire industry.
That is NOT within her Gestalt, framework.
It is precisely because of her lack of SOPHISTICATION that she is prosecuted and persecuted and will NEVER be allowed to hold a MAJOR government position.
She represents a WILD CARD, NOT quite a "Yes Man."
They want and need a SLAVE.
She actually has a few ideas of her OWN, correct or incorrect.
What you see is what you get.
This presents a few dilemmas for our NAZI ESTABLISHMENT.
A bit like organized religion, the Church echelon versus their constituent lay people and ideological believers.
HOWEVER, "they" continue using and manipulating her as an effective ploy, prop, tool, whipping boy, diversion, by BOTH/ALL parties concerned to rally troops under false ideological dichotomies and ad hominem caricatures.
She is a useful marketing tool by the panoply of our NAZI Establishment.
I do NOT endorse, excuse or apologize for Palin.
I am explaining, as I did in many previous posts, Palin CONCRETELY did MORE WHEN representing her State as Governor of Alaska negotiating with Exxon, PB and other multinational energy companies THAN THE REST OF OUR ERSATZ, BOGUS, HUMANITARIAN, CYNICAL, HYPOCRITICAL, DUPLICITOUS OPPOSITION COMBINED!!
THEY camouflage themselves, parading around, posturing as something other than what they really are, NAZI wolves dressed in grandmas clothing:

Red Riding Hood Dore Image 3

"Oh, granny, your teeth are tremendous in size!"
"They're to eat you!" and he ate her.

These illustrations came from:

Les Contes de Perrault, dessins par Gustave Doré. Paris: J. Hetzel, 1867.





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