Saturday, January 29, 2011


Out of curiosity, I asked a NOT overtly political friend the other day if she understood what was happening on her TV screen regarding Egypt.
To my amazement, she replied, "Yes."
And, then, she described it accurately as "Fascist infighting."
She went on to say the entire globe is FASCIST.
Can't do much better than that.

Against OBVIOUSLY SPONSORED, orchestrated, EGYPT RIOTS, coup attempts, with/between NAZI IRAN Muslim Brotherhood of Thugs factions as well as US "democracy" monies, recall, in the background, Egypt Mubarak's EMG-Israel GAS DEAL, subject of MUCH dispute.
What happens WILL affect the outcome of THAT.

OVERSHADOWED, ALSO, SIMULTANEOUSLY, NO coverage of major developments elsewhere in the Middle East, such as state sponsored terrorism and/or occupation in NAZI IRAN/US occupied IRAQ AND
Allawi, below, connected to/with JAFAR'S burgeoning Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj empire, while NAZI IRAN SISTANI son-in-law and FORMER BAGHDAD OIL MINISTER, SHAHRISTANI, SIDELINED, DEMOTED:


A few posts back, I linked to an Israel interview with former NAZI Bush Administration Wurmser regarding Israel Sheshinski's Committee, Noble Energy and NOT too veiled threats from Wurmser.
I advised THEN one should FRAME it, keep it on your wall, I might add, along with a photo family album of Iraq traitor extraordinaire JAFAR.
Talk about nepotism and kleptocracy!
I will link to the Wurmser interview once again and, once more, I advise one study it carefully as a much more accurate, truthful example of the prime moving forces than ALL the spin, propaganda on your collective TV screens combined:


Here's my previous post in which I linked to Wurmser's Israel interview for reference:


HOWEVER, due to numerous instances of disappeared links on the internet, I decided to REPRODUCE Wurmser's interview in full on a separate post just below for insurance, reference purposes ONLY.

(**See entry below**)

Meanwhile, I will add only one comment about all this.
ALL Arab power struggles dressed up currently as democracy represent COMPETING, FASCIST CLIENTS, their INTERESTS, FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS, just like so many before them, including the disgusting, abysmal, traitorous, covert, reactionary POLISH SOLIDARITY movement.
Sandwiched in between these competing FASCIST MOBS is everyone else, NEITHER PROGRESSIVE, nor organized class revolution, riot, STRIKES, insurrection and/or military rebellion.

For clarification on THAT last point, the latest from TUNISIA advertising, characterizing itself at the Davos World Economic Forum as, "OPEN FOR BUSINESS":


Egypt's Mubarak might as well tell all to go fuck themselves and clamp down, just as did NAZI IRAN to its own manufactured, but, unsuccessful, as yet, internal coup.

IF it comes to a choice between competing FASCIST dictatorships, might as well NOT chose the utterly barbaric, insane NAZI ISLAMIC TORTURE DICTATORSHIP REGIME.
Meanwhile, Egypt's military just finished powwowing with the US.
They will determine the outcome, anyway.
NO permanent resolution forthcoming, no matter what, for reasons on all my previous posts.
Too many imperialist contradictions and rivalries.
Holes keep popping up in the proverbial dike.
Fix one, another hole opens somewhere else.
The pressure shifts as
imperialist privatization continues with its concomitant, escalated, war, regional and class conflict and more destabilization.

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