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A few terse sentences in various reports indicating former IRAN SHAH PAHLAVI youngest son, Ali Reza Pahlavi, APPARENTLY committed suicide in Boston.
I find it very odd.
Below, photo BOTH of Ali Reza AND his fiancee for a number of years, Sarah TABATABAI.
Their engagement being mysteriously terminated after a few years.
Nobody knows why.

So, I decided to look into this matter alittle further:


Here's one more background snapshot, snippet of Ali Reza Pahlavi and his fiancee Sarah Tabatabai:


This does NOT strike me as a man who readily and easily commits suicide.
I am UNfamiliar with Iran's royal family, monarchical lineage, WEALTHY emigre community, reasonably extensive, incestuous and insular, it seems to me.
Nor can I read Farsi.

But, given current events, it piqued my curiosity as it seemed to me his death may very well be a political one, NOT suicide.
Or, suicide of a different sort.
So, I decided to do some cursory research on my own via the internet.

Interestingly, the TABATABAI family name becomes quite pertinent to this story.
First, Sarah Tabatabai, Ali Reza's FORMER fiancee, happens to be a geophysicist associated with the powerful US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
And, someone named Ali Akbar Tabatabai ALSO is a MOST interesting person, indeed.

Here is Ali Akbar's story from
Excerpt first:

"...U.S. prosecutors say Salahuddin, wearing a mailman's uniform and driving a borrowed postal truck, pulled up to Iranian diplomat Ali Akbar Tabatabai's Maryland home in 1980 and shot Tabatabai to death.

Tabatabai, the former spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in Washington, was an outspoken critic of the Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. In a 1995 interview with The Washington Post and ABC in Turkey, Salahuddin said he was hired by Iranian agents to kill Tabatabai for $4,000 and a promise he would be sent to China for medical training..."



Ali Akbar Tabatabai on Wikipedia:


Aside from Ali Reza Pahlavi's former fiancee, Sarah Tabatabai, another Tabatabai also sits on our well connected US Nuclear Establishment, Omar Tabatabai:


Tabatabai, in general, is a well connected US-Iranian family.
More Tabatabais exist in the US.
I do not know who is related to whom and how.
There is/was, for example, another Tabatabai quoted from the floor of the BAGHDAD Stock Exchange a few years within the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.
But, I do not know WHO, WHICH Tabatabai was referenced at the time.
It was not clear.

Reza Pahlavi's "apparent" suicide is, I believe, somehow related to the clandestine politics represented by those above.
But, how, precisely, I do not know.
I can only speculate.

I would love to know, also, what was the REAL mission, purpose, of those US ostensible "hikers" captured in Iran and IF they/it are related to the "plots" above.
Beyond these cursory tidbits, I can go no further.
Just a hint, a promise.

Anyone with SUBSTANTIAL information being more than welcome to add it in the comment section below helping me/us comprehend what I deem to be a suicide/murder mystery.

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