Saturday, January 22, 2011


Contradictions unleashed by former USSR DISSOLUTION, combined with NOT-SO-Red China's traitorous regime simply continue escalating, mounting, piling, heaping one on top of another in a Mount Everest high set of LIES and conflicts.

The most recent epicenter of our currently manufactured NAZI earthquake resides in the so-called "Middle East North Africa Emerging Markets" SPECULATIVE, PRIVATIZING BUBBLE DISSOLUTION, DISMANTLEMENT of their former nationalized industries and natural resources.

More MidEast/Mediterranean explosions and POWER STRUGGLES forthcoming in LEBANON not to mention IRAN and IRAN/US OCCUPIED IRAQ.

SEEMS to me TUNISIA bullshit elections being advocated, i.e, more "democracy," including the abominable NAZI Islamic Fundamentalists, in order to advance, CONTINUE, their PRIVATIZATION which, of course, means more conflict, contradictions, destabilization and power struggles.

Anything EXCEPT advocating outright RE-NATIONALIZATION and its concomitant MILITARIZED CLASS DICTATORSHIP!

Our bullshit, NAZI partnered, financed, Left Opposition, as always, of course, will help along this process supporting Tunisia "democracy."
That's their role, their job, for which they are paid.
Truly, it gets TIRESOME!!
The ONLY people they reach and represent are themselves.

Internal and external strife, unlimited CHAOS, militarized repression, suppression, reaction and counter reactionary chain of events, will continue, increase, spiral, escalate and will NOT END or abate until and unless PRIVATIZATION CEASES, DECLARED UNEQUIVOCALLY DEAD IN PRINCIPLE
and STATE INDUSTRIES AND NATURAL RESOURCES RETURNED, restored, reinforced, enhanced and expanded EVERYWHERE.

Otherwise, humanity is doomed, destined to perpetual infighting, social disintegration, decay, scourge of one kind or another, war, disease, ultimate extinction as inevitable natural disaster, catastrophe AND human society collide together in what can only be described as primordial, reptilian brained INSANITY.

From now until doomsday I could itemize industries and natural resources already, or, scheduled to become PRIVATIZED.
IF this process is NOT QUICKLY reversed, recognized, acknowledged, halted, IN A PRINCIPLED PROGRAM, EVERYWHERE, SOON, it will be too late.

Mass extinction wins through auspice of intentional neglect, design and denial by our present day PATHOLOGICAL, DYSFUNCTIONAL, IRRATIONAL, retrograde, COMPETITIVE, NOT COOPERATIVE, anarchic, "free market" economic system in conjunction with impending natural disaster and catastrophe.

Our ever changing, shifting, dynamic planet and universe is a well known phenomena, something collectively we understand and well appreciate by now.
No longer mysterious, mystical, mythological, obscurantist explanations need apply.
Entertaining, yes, but, NOT sufficient.

It is a question NOT of changing, controlling, challenging nature, but, acknowledging, understanding, comprehending, respecting, appreciating multiple forces impacting the world which we inhabit, and, as best we can, adjust, accommodate ourselves, our social organization, to these realities, solving problems as a whole, practically impossible when global resource allocation, production and distribution allocations determined SOLELY by, pulled apart, and/or torn asunder in differing directions, by competing, multiple, PRIVATE interests, predicated upon EVER GREATER CONSUMPTION, EXPANDED MARKETS, increased shareholder profit and the eternal, lunatic, holy grail of the bottom line.

Just as I could list indefinite number of industries and resources PRIVATIZING, I could list known, potential, and unknown planetary and cosmic forces, events, some happened in recorded history, some pending AND possible synergistic, cascading effects, waiting to be discovered.

This is NOT a doomsday scenario.

The fact we ARE ALL MORTAL and DIE in the not too distant future is NOT a Doomsday scenario.

It simply represents reality, natural parameters, within which we all live and to which we accommodate, understand and adjust ourselves, solving our problems as a WHOLE.
We live or sink together, NOT PRIVATELY, on cosmic SPACESHIP BLUE MARBLE PLANET EARTH.



In reality, what will happen?
IT seems to me TOO LATE!

Multitudinous interests and global forces vested and invested in our PRESENT day ancien and dying regimes will stubbornly NOT renounce, denounce, repudiate their LIES, roles, propaganda machine, opportunism to advance one, SIMPLE, SINGLE, CONSISTENT, UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE to CHANGE, ALTER their/our present trajectory.

They take NO concrete steps, actions, WHEN PRESENTED WITH POSSIBILITY and OPPORTUNITY for such and have NO program whatsoever to fundamentally change, shift, alter ratios, proportions of our underlying structure.
It is as if we/all/one were diseased advocating ONLY modifying, containing, ameliorating, treating, analyzing SYMPTOMS, while NEVER, EVER daring to ELIMINATE, ERADICATE the viral or bacterial CAUSE.

So, PRIVATIZATION and its class discontents, concomitant imperialist infighting, will continue, escalate, advance in death defying vertiginous downward speeds with occasional natural disaster/catastrophe helping it along.

If I sound despairing or pessimistic, I am.

For SURE, NO solutions forthcoming from the planet's greatest UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES country, due to ostrich like behaviour from ALL interested parties combined above along with our COLLABORATIVE, COOPERATIVE, NAZI PARTNERED, ORGANIZED, INSTITUTIONALIZED CLASS REPRESENTATIVES, our corrupt, mafia led labor unions and their PRIVATE PENSION FUND INVESTMENTS.
Without THEM, NO significant change possible.
Pure and simple.
Equation finished.
Our "Opposition" being INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED, PRIVATELY AND COVERTLY FUNDED as IMPEDIMENTS, OBSTRUCTIONS, DISTRACTIONS, DIVERSIONS to class unity, fundamental change, opposition, actions and programs.
The remainder of the population, basically, stupid and/or impotent, LED, or, misled, indoctrinated by all above factors combined together.
Consequently, fundamental social change will NOT emanate from United Suckers and Assholes until and unless the country becomes totally prostrate, bankrupt, which, eventually, at some point in time, it will, unless nature accomplishes the coup de grace for ALL of us.
Fundamental social change will come from abroad FIRST, rippling outwards, encircling, engulfing, isolating United Suckers and Assholes in revolutionary torrential downpours.
Then, and only then, will fundamental social change in the greatest of all United Suckers and Assholes country on Spaceship Planet Earth occur.
My advice.
Don't hold your collective breathes waiting.
I'm betting on asteroids or other natural phenomena.

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