Saturday, January 8, 2011


Adding to our already humongous, gargantuan, vast, bloated, overwhelming 1947 NATIONAL SECURITY, i.e., NAZI STATE APPARATUS, inaugurated, institutionalized, codified and defining post WWII USA, is born a new Joint Counter-Terrorism "agency, center, office," below.

For those who prefer their much vaulted, lauded Constitution, see if you can find our 1947 National Security Act sanctioned in it anywhere.
Reminds one of Gestapo tactics, doesn't it, below??
How about domestic martial law playing in a theatre near you soon??

A response to escalating, multiple, MYSTERIOUS, self-generated, covert domestic and international clandestine, terrorist threats here and abroad.
Got to hype "SECURITY" against them ALL.
Don't misunderstand.
SOME real threats do exist, that is, ONES THEY, THEMSELVES, ABOVE, INTENTIONALLY NURTURED, MANUFACTURED in the first place to COMBAT, encircle, threaten, contain, subvert and "rollback" Communism, the USSR, China.
Our Frankenstein NAZI Fundamentalist Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood and Afghan "Freedom Fighters" are amongst those many threats, to which I will post a link following.
This is why every "solution" they artificially manufacture EXPONENTIALLY INTENSIFIES, MULTIPLIES, EXACERBATES and CREATES new problems, contradictions, competing interests, thus necessitating escalating military solutions, force, internal and external repression.
For every action an equal and opposite reaction exists.
Now, they find themselves in a true policy conundrum, a paradoxical dilemma.
Or, a proverbial Dutch dike with multiplying, burgeoning holes.
A self-fulfilling, internally generated, circular prophecy, system.
Or, paraphrasing a stylized form of "dark humor":
"How many competing, fragmented economic interests does it take to destroy a country?"
In spook parlance, it's called "Blowback":



ONE other example below about THEIR very real NAZI Islamic Fundamentalist manufactured Frankenstein monster threat unleashed throughout the Middle East as part of THEIR reactionary, organized covert, clandestine operational bulwark to destabilize, contain, threaten, encircle and compromise the USSR, encompassing, extending to ALL Left affiliated and progressive leaning governments, alliances, regionally, in Asia and elsewhere.

But, NOW, their NAZI Frankenstein monster must be contained, curtailed and dismantled:



Another EXAMPLE from 2009 on the above subject matter.

A SMALL piece of a much larger, internecine, grand scale picture puzzle, which Sibel Edmonds actually cautions:


Remember, it was Turkey's previous government that prohibited US troops from using Ankara, Turkey as an Iraq invasion force.

If it had been Turkey's SUBSEQUENT NAZI ISLAMIC AKP government, now in power, THEY WOULD HAVE AGREED, making the present Iraq situation even worse!

I hate to think.
One of those historical "what ifs" you can ponder.

Adding the above to ALL the information on my many ongoing posts, get ready for more BIG TIME GLOBAL EXPLOSIONS, DESPOTISM and DICTATORSHIP.
United Suckers and Assholes ain't seen nothin yet.


A well versed acquaintance of mine, Aaron, died not too long ago suddenly, unfortunately, in 2010,
in his late eighties, I believe.
I used to read Aaron information on my posts and internet, as his vision was too impaired to see it easily himself.
Aaron was short, of impish physical stature but large intellectual demeanour.

Aaron was a WWII veteran.

Aaron would comment to me, paraphrasing as best as possible,

"All this merely being skirmish, prelude to war."

Unfortunately, Aaron no longer being alive to see his prophecies unfold.
Aaron's loss is a great one for me and the world, in general, since Aaron was a positive rather than negative force.
After all, not too many people around, young or old, with whom one can converse comfortably on theoretical physics AND past, present history, literature, etc., while also ALWAYS being delightfully comical, sarcastic, witty, entertaining.
I once suggested to Aaron he write his memoirs.
He never did.
He took them to the grave.
I guess he figured what point is it, the insignificance of one more subatomic human particle in an indifferent cosmos.
So, now, his and other beloved particles commingle, floating in space and time together.
Hope he entertains them as much as he did I and the rest of us.

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