Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well, looks like Tunisia needs abit more democracy to finish off its wholesale sell off and out, i.e.,"liberalization," of MENA (MidEastNoAfrica) industries and natural resources, elections being but a FARCE.
A joke.
A sop.
The question becomes which way Tunisia's military thus defining what sort of uprising it becomes.
As well as the remainder of the Middle East North Africa.
It appears to me Tunisia is heading for another one of those flavored, colored, flowered revolutions.
For those who NEVER seem to find that which is right in front of their nose, namely, our many OPEN SECRETS, i.e., PRIVATIZATION, ANYWHERE and everywhere, aside from previous posts naming Tunisia's Maghreb Minerals and Bank Attajari, another report, below, SPELLS IT OUT quite clearly although ideologically applauding, supporting privatization.
Nonetheless, FACTS, numbers presented below are quite clear, including nepotism, which exists EVERYWHERE, except played out in different and to varying degrees:

Also, IF one does a cursory internet search under "Tunisia, Privatization," you will be rewarded with a blunt information plethora added to the above and my previous notes about Maghreb Minerals, Bank Attajari, France, Sarkozy, the Club Med Union, the GCC and the usual assortment of NAZI investors, friends and Dictatorships.

See today's earlier post below..

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