Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In response to a Congressional assassination attempt, the whores in our NAZI Political Establishment admonish everyone not to be angry and hateful.
Anger and hate leads to violence, say the NAZI whores and prostitutes.
Imagine that!!
It upsets everyone or them.
I guess they would prefer we internalize rage, suck it up and vomit, preferably, on them.
Certainly, I do experience nausea seeing or hearing ANY OF THEM, especially smug, contemptuous CIA Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan slave boy Obooma.
Well, I AM VERY, VERY ANGRY AND HATEFUL to say the very, very least.
But, it has nothing to do with Congressional lackeys and imbeciles, the front men and women, stooges, hired help of our WWII NAZI FINANCIER OF 60 MILLION AND MORE SUBSEQUENT DEATHS, JP MORGAN (CHASE), who certainly has AUDACITY sponsoring a PRIVATE HEALTH CARE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE AT THE VERY MOMENT WE ARE ADMONISHED BY OUR NAZI LEADERS NOT TO BE SO HATEFUL AND ANGRY!!
Morgan's conference by invitation ONLY.
No shooters allowed inside.
Even the people they assassinate are PUBLIC, not private, "SERVANTS."
After all, they too are dispensable, disposal, replaceable, interchangeable drug syringes.



Then, there is THEIR INTERCONNECTED, opposite side of the Atlantic/Pacific Oceans.


For those who STILL can't find IRAQ'S OIL/GAS, literally hundreds, thousands of articles like that below about Iraq NASSIRIYAH and JAPAN NIPPON OIL exist.
Royal Dutch Shell, of course, in Southern Iraq, BP, et.al.
Again, some cursory, rudimentary searches and you will come up with LOTS of articles, names, information, including Russia's LUKOIL, as Iraq's next round of oil "bidding" supposedly to occur with Baghdad's NEW Oil Minister, LUAIBY, associated with Iraq traitor extraordinaire, JAFAR and Iraq's South Oil Company.
But, I have more to say about this later on:




Next, since North Africa's Mediterranean Basin, first Tunisia, now Algeria, explodes in violent outbursts, opportunistically exploited and seized upon by just about everyone with ulterior purpose, here's another juicy tidbit about Maghreb Minerals adding to my previous posts on Morocco/Tunisia Bank Attajari.
Peruse their website for more information about Board Members, etc:




And, then, a real humdinger of an article I could not resist, an interview with a former Bush Administration official, Wurmser, regarding his not so subtle, veiled, coded, threats to Israel's SHESHINSKI Committee.
This one definitely qualified as TODAY'S JOKE OF THE DAY.
A real classic, gem.
Save this one for posterity.
But, hey folks, don't get angry, don't get mad, LAUGH.
The joke is, after all, YOU:




Generally, I do not bother much mentioning "old" European power rivalries, alliances, JOCKEYING amongst Anglo-American and/or French, German, Russian imperial interests.
I ASSUME people are aware of it all.
Its history being well known with many twists and turns.

This time around, of course, IMPERIAL NAZI Germany has NO MILITARY to project its power across continents, a sad outcome for them from WWII.
Nonetheless, REUNITED IMPERIAL NAZI DEUTSCHLAND geographically is very much alive and well, financially intertwined, invested throughout lands of the former Communist countries, including APPROPRIATED EAST GERMAN industries, as well as the Middle East and Asia, the EURO being its centerpiece.
If the Euro collapses, a re-emerged Europe and German centered empire collapses along with it and vica-versa, i.e, grow or die.
However, it is critical to realize one big, major historical difference in "old" Eurasian power equations and now.
Prior to WWII the US was NOT a major GLOBAL player in the geographic CENTER, heartland, hub, nexus of the much contested Eurasian continent.

It played an auxiliary, secondary, ancillary, supporting role.

Now, the situation reverses itself with the US PHYSICALLY a major, MILITARY force stretching across the entire Eurasian continent, theatre of war, operations, oceans, air, space while Imperial European interests play a supporting strategic role IN THEIR OWN, very complicated, shifting backyard.

This already has and will change as ALL previous EURASIAN powers beef up their militaries in response to the realities of new/old Imperialist, colonialist demands.

Thus, MUCH political JOCKEYING occuring FOR ALLIANCE with and/or against a hegemonic US military umbrella for which United Suckers and Assholes working class pay their tax, tithing.
North and/or South American history, an extension from Eurasia anyway, PALES in comparison to the much hallowed, contested, bloodied ground of 2500 plus or minus years of ancient and modern Eurasian power struggles, civilizations, empires, fights, military hordes, invaders, armies, pillage, plunder, societal decimation, rape, enslavement, torture, exploitation, alliances, criss-crossing one another back and forth across a land mass comprising the Eurasian continent from one to the other end, including North Africa, all jockeying for power, empire and ultimate control, domination, which NONE managed to achieve permanently.
In comparison, the US is a piker.

Now, an ocean and continent away, the US placed itself smack in the middle of this literal and figuratively explosive land mine of diverse cultural and political backgrounds and geographic landscape, having become a MAJOR factor within the complex, complicated, competing, conflicting EURASIAN power equations!!

This recipe is one of unmitigated DISASTER, as always it has been.
Only fools and/or hubris rush in where angels dare tread.
The ONLY difference this time being the addition of a new factor into an old, strategic balance of power struggle, namely, the STUPID, IDIOTIC United Suckers and Assholes!!

This is what was meant by my deceased, old friend, Aaron, when he said,
"All happening in Iraq and Afghanistan is but skirmish, a prelude to war."
When the Berlin Wall tumbled down and USSR dissolved, the floodgates of Eurasian Hell reopened.
More "wars to end all wars."

Keeping ALL the above in mind, including Wurmser's Israeli interview, AND, returning to Iraq, to which I promised at the beginning, spelled out below, basically, an analysis similar to mine, but, couched in neutered spin, categories, characterizations, different verbiage, of course.
When stripped of its sanitized, simplistic, generalized, mythological narrative, the nitty gritty of the analysis below reflects mine above.
NOT mentioned below EVER is, for example, one key word, PRIVATIZATION, THE characteristic and motivating factor in this new/old world, revised, grand scenario.
Alot else assumed, taken for granted, modified, obliterated, obscured.
For example, oil and gas being UBIQUITOUS, oil/gas global markets are artificially manufactured, controlled, escalated and divided for purpose of export and import and circular, profitable, balance of trade.
Abit like diamonds.
Diamonds are ubiquitous.
But, it takes large capital investment on an industrial scale to acquire them en masse.
To achieve back their expenditures AND profit, it is necessary to control ALL aspects of the diamond market, from production to distribution to market to price to become a worthwhile, lucrative, "precious" commodity.
Hence, a global diamond cartel.
Then, there is the example of China's past opium market.
Whether or not we NEED diamonds en masse or more oil and gas as energy is another matter entirely, generated, decided, by ONE motive only, that above.
NO alternative strategies, planning, conservation, LESS consumption, provided, considered, allowed, permitted above/below.
So, with caveats, a presentation on "The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power," by another of our numerous NAZI apologists, ideological luminaries and spin meisters:



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