Sunday, January 2, 2011


Take a look at the list BELOW.
Notice some one conspicuously missing??
Lots of countries named, but, if you look carefully NO USA listed at the bottom.
Know why?
Ostensibly, being a European list, it matters not.

The answer the same.
Just like our labor unions at the end of WWII and a 1947 Taft-Hartley (anti) Labor Law and a National Security Act (institutionalized NAZI state apparatus), the CPUSA became systematically neutered, marginalized, infiltrated, prosecuted, persecuted, purged, blacklisted, imprisoned, fractured, compromised, threatened, red baited, etc., with a culminating barbaric Julius and Ethel Rosenberg 1953 electric chair execution (**see footnote at the end), so that they cease to exist, ONLY in name, AND essentially function as another ersatz arm of our Democratic Left in Name Only Party.

They ACTIVELY support NAZI Obooma, for example, laud Ohio State Rep. Kucinich, conveniently forgetting, overlooking Kucinich OPENLY promotes our vitriolic, rabid JBANC, Congressional Baltic Caucus, Washington DC Museum to Commemorate the Victims of Communism, all sponsoring the legislation below.

Effectively, NO independent CP exists in the US anymore.
They morphed to become one amongst minions of many liberal/Left FRONT groups.

A total and complete political and labor vacuum, thus, NO EFFECTIVE, organized, principled resistance, opposition, labor or otherwise, exists.
By design, not by accident, of course.
That's the way the Establishment wants it to remain.
But, nature abhors a vacuum, so...:


Meanwhile, I noticed Tunisia riots highlighted in my post just below were seized upon opportunistically by most everyone, as if, once again, it/they are not part, consequence, of an entire, counter-revolutionary, MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA PRIVATIZING PROJECT.
And Greece transportation workers announced a NEW YEAR'S STRIKE but I can find NO further information about it or them on the internet.
Or, what else is new??
Watch for more postings as untidy events unfold, despite the best or worse laid plans of mice, men and troglodytes.
January marks a new calendar year, so, here is my reference link from above celebrating another new year, from January, 2008, exactly 3 years ago:



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