Monday, April 12, 2010


The Maghreb for Iraq, the US, "Old" Europe, morphs into its opposite, a SUNRISE for our former and present NAZIS in their newly minted MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA/ASIAN "emerging markets" which YOU ALL HELPED create, and, of course, the former USSR.

The so-called Arab GCC "STATES" ARE A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, a coordinating arm and Switzerland of the newly minted NAZI Middle East, North Africa, Asia "emerging markets," a sieve through which money sloshes:

"US$2 TRILLION GCC Projects Market Offers Opportunities for Global Construction and Investment Community"‏:


And, who are SOME of the NAZI/Fascist thugs, henchman, useful human tools, in this despicable, gargantuan, humongous saga of theft and betrayal, a direct continuum, extension from WWII and USSR, Soviet, counter-revolution?
Well, I like the photo and descriptions below.

It nicely represents the character of YOUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS EVERYWHERE.
Not just Iraq/Iran.

The photo encapsulates, sums it all up so neatly and nicely, even if one knows nothing about him/them.
"One picture is worth a thousand words."
Imagine meeting this fellow in a dark alley somewhere OTHER THAN IRAQ where he now roams about.
Prince Vad Tepes, son of Prince Dracul, of Transylvania.
(Apparently, Drac means Devil).
Certainly, you/I/one would run in the other direction as quickly as our little legs could carry us.

But, recall, as I repeatedly advise, these are the subhuman Reptilian brains, untermenschen, themselves dispensable, disposable, replaceable parts, Brownshirts, SS, pathological killers, hired guns, assassins, who do the dirty work for those like Rockefeller, Dupont, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Bremer, Kissinger, Jafar, et. al., who NEVER dirty or stain their hands and conscience with the direct face of murder, torture, blood, etc.

They have HIRED HELP like the Reptilian ilk below do THEIR dirty work for them, instead.
And, then, they have a PAID army of international collaborators, apologists, propagandists, historical revisionists, etc., to sanitize, obfuscate, launder and CLEAN UP their image and mess so that their deranged mass murders and drug pushers morph into Freedom Fighters:


And, here is another obliquely formulated warning, (last few sentences at the end), which I have followed all along regarding an upcoming High Noon confrontation at the O.K. Corral, unraveling and unfolding before everyone's eyes:


By the way, the US military base in the former SOVIET Central Asian Republic of Krygzystan, having experiencing another "revolution," conveniently relocated its operations to GUESS WHERE??


Kuwait presently is in an oil and territorial dispute, disagreement, with NAZI IRAN OCCUPIED IRAQ.

When the Berlin wall came tumbling down, the floodgates of NAZI Hell opened up and Pandora's Box spilled out its pernicious cornucopia of all the world's ills and evil!
Can Humpty Dumpty put it all back together again??

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