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A sort of updated roundup to my previous posts.

King of the NAZI Dung, Sleaze and Compost Heap, Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, was reappointed Governor of the Bank of Israel.
Was there ever any question, any doubt about his future??

Certainly not in my mind.
And, concerning a post I did in February, 2009 regarding Israel's Nochi Dankner and his empire, Dankner's IDB firm and its potential partnership with Russia's Gazprom, a CURRENT update on that matter below.
I will link to my February, 2009 post on this subject after the following:


And, then, my PREVIOUS post from February, 2009, regarding the above:


In case you either are new to this subject or cannot recall it, follow the links from above and below backwards, including covert spook, operative, Nimrodi, another winner in the NAZI global privatization prize:


For some nice illustrations and reporting on other current NAZI mobsters who OWN Russia, there is always John Helmer's website:

As for here, what's to say?

Our Bullshit, State Dept manufactured Left and Fascist led labor unions partner with their corporate NAZI Democratic pay masters in crime and continue doing what they do best.

Ostrich like denial, collusion and obfuscation.
Suddenly, an upcoming politically motivated show trial, investigation announced regarding Goldman Sachs investment firm, instigated by their/our OWN SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.
Another joke.
The fox guarding the hen house.

Apparently, Goldman Sachs was selected as a convenient sacrificial lamb, I suppose, in part, for United Suckers and Assholes upcoming November, 2010 midterm elections when their NAZI Democrats are expected to face an electoral bloodbath.
Additional speculation exists as to whether or not NAZI Morgan Stanley will benefit from Goldman's selective demise and/or legal problems.

But, NAZI CIA slave boy Obooma's Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan DICTATORSHIP remains UNTOUCHED, unscathed, of course.

Rewarded, instead.
Rewarded by whom?
For more good irony on this subject, United Suckers and Assholes Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, nominally representing US taxpayers, YESTERDAY, Tuesday, April 20, voted to approve ALL Citigroup nominated Board members!
US Treasury is now THE largest shareholder in Citigroup, with alittle over 25% common shares:


For anyone unfamiliar with Treasury Secretary Geithner's background, here's a plain vanilla wiki snapshot with the customary, usual associations, including NAZI Kissinger and the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, etc.:


However, a more specific link below from 2009 speculates about the reasons for Geithner's selection as Treasury Secretary AND specifically mentions Obooma's interconnectedness, that is, his CIA assignation.
I picked this link RANDOMLY.
Not because it is so great and special but because ANYONE could have figured out what he did, below, and, they did, including myself, with even greater historical and economic interconnectedness than that represented below:


Here is but one I selected out of many videos and reports from Tuesday's Citigroup annual shareholder meeting because it highlights the essential, quientessential paradoxical and contradictory cul-de-sac nature of this situation into which they dig you/us all deeper and deeper.
The person speaking in the video below is from CALPERS, California PUBLIC [MY emphasis] Employees Retirement System, the world's LARGEST pension fund AND major shareholder in Citigroup and other PRIVATE multinational firms:


Norway's public pension investment fund, I believe, is second or third in size behind Calpers on the global scene.
Norway, of course, through its energy firm DNO (and thus their pension fund) represents a major investor and interested party in the outcome of Northern Iraq, Kurdistan, the KRG.

Thus, nominally, ALL individual and collective United Suckers and Assholes TAXPAYERS now are MAJOR shareholders of Citigroup through their/our gargantuan taxpayer gift, largesse, boondoggle and OUR subsequent national indebtedness.

ALL US taxpayers can and should be AT CITIGROUP BOARD MEETINGS AND exercise OUR OPTION to LIQUIDATE, DIVEST OUR shares, prosecute their CEO, executives, Board, policies, investments, and NATIONALIZE their assets.

So, how is it US Treasury Secretary Geithner comes to REPRESENT OUR collective and individual interests?
Because United Suckers and Assholes taxpayers hand to Geithner on a silver platter, ALLOW, PERMIT Geithner to represent of ALL OF US.

It is all a total and complete joke, an in your face farce.

But, do you see/hear ANYONE on the streets wildly, militantly OBJECTING, demonstrating, yelling, striking, protesting about ANY of this either before, after or now?

No, of course not. Absolute passivity. Quiescence.
Because, as in ALL else from single payer to the above to foreign policy, our fucking labor unions SUPPORT the Democrats!
Instead of leading an opposition, they, along with their counterpart State and CIA manufactured ersatz Left, BLOCK a viable and unified opposition. This is HOW class opposition and labor unions are neutralized, coopted, along with their pension fund investments.
A self-conscious policy applied since the end of WWII.

Meanwhile, in contrast, back in Old World GREECE a WAVE OF MORE STRIKES in response to austerity measures and IMF plans:


And, the REASON WHY a SUDDEN "revelation" about torture and secret prisons in Iraq in the LA Times and not before, mentioned below.
Because it helps contribute to the legitimacy and necessity for REGIME CHANGE both in Iraq and Iran NOW.

As I have explained and forecast ALL ALONG, an explosion is inevitable to rid Iraq of its NAZI Aryan Iran Brown Shirts, SS, Gestapo, Revolutionary Guards, Ahmadimoron, their militias and Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, who seized with an iron grip Baghdad's coveted Oil Minister prize and will not let go.
"Diplomacy," i.e, carrots, sticks, threats, intimidation, negotiations, blackmail, elections, assassinations, sanctions, internal destabilization, etc., did/will/does NOT work.
The NAZI Aryan Iranian scumbags, thugs CREATED in the first place are not about to relinquish, share power and/or go quietly into the sunset.
So, a coordinated, escalating, ongoing campaign necessitated, one I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ALL ALONG:


Finally, a reminder for ALL the world's suckers and assholes, especially those here, what it is ALL about "Alfie," what ties it together so neatly and nicely:


To end it all, a little parody, which one can apply to the above.

Lili Tomlin's CLASSIC skit, "One RingyDingy."
Sorry, do not know the exact year:


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