Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It is, was difficult to decide where to begin today's post, with the serious or the entertaining.

So, I decided lighthearted SATIRE first.
The clever young men in the link below, the Gregory Brothers, have devised a new form of political commentary.

It is not GREAT art, but, certainly much better than the subject matter they satire and ridicule, namely, our pathetic state of affairs, politics and media.
I could have used a direct youtube link, but I decided, instead, to feature a one hour C-Span interview which incorporates samples of their video work, as well.
You can pursue further on your own if you so desire.
Again, amusing, light, clever, entertaining, ingenious spoof:



While on the subject of satire and IRONY, after our great medical insurance giveaway, boondoggle and heist, championed by our fake Left Opposition and NAZI Obooma Democratic enthusiasts, most importantly, their AFL-CIA, I received an e-mail FROM THOSE VERY SAME SOURCES complaining that somewhere between 45,000 to 100,000 people CURRENTLY receiving Pennsylvania STATE existing, income based MEAGRE, partial, as it is, SUBSIDY medical insurance program for the "indigent, poor" are about to LOSE THEIR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE due, no doubt, to State debt and budget cuts or NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's medical reform giveaway, perhaps!
It's really a cruel joke, isn't it?
One must laugh.

So, now, moving away from the daily ironies of Homeland Insecurity while living in the belly of the NAZI beast and Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly, Theatre of the Absurd, to other serious fare, as promised, above.

This is a fascinating documentary I JUST viewed, although it has been around, apparently, for a couple of years.
The version I watched had English subtitles.
I cannot locate THAT one online after numerous searches.

Instead, I found the film available in SPANISH in 11 or 12 segments in the following link, but, it seems, no English language subtitles.
IF you can manage to understand some of it, it is well worth the effort.
And, SOME parts are interviews in English and other languages, as well.
Only one or two comments I would add.

When the USSR dissolved, it was another Maghreb of a different sort.
As Castro and/or other Cuban representatives said, paraphrasing him/them, the "SUN WENT DOWN, or, the SUN SET."

The outcome of the situation below in Africa would have been ENTIRELY different, as you can see from where the film ends, had NOT the Soviet Union disappeared when it did.
And, of course, OUR PAID TREACHEROUS, TRAITOR ally, Gorby's role in this despicable debacle, is already ALLUDED to in the film vis-a-vis these events:

"Cuba: An African Odyssey":



Two NOTES to add to the above film.

While a nice overall historical context, as always, more factors involved.

One, for example, from MEMORY, as I recall, the Chinese were in Africa as well, NOT mentioned in the documentary above.
And, I found the following youtube video which confirmed what I remembered:



The film apparently has two different names, the one above AND
"Cuba! Africa! Revolution!"

So, it is possible you MAY find an alternative English OR OTHER language subtitled version online somewhere else under its second name.

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