Saturday, November 14, 2009


In my previous post, a few days ago, November 10, I linked to the following, regarding the Mexican Electrical Workers, privatization and an upcoming labor action scheduled for November 11:

I am glad to see Mexico's November 11 events have been reported and followed below.
HOWEVER, as one can clearly see expressed, both from above and, below, the power realities, no pun intended.
Nothing less than absolute PRINCIPLED unity, militancy, overwhelming force, and international solidarity, COMBINED, can stop, alter, change, reverse the course of the global NAZI privatization juggernaut, tactically missing both there and here by virtue of their/our divisive, collaborative, Fascist led labor unions, not by accident, obviously, but, by design:

Here, for example, when an historic opportunity presented itself for Single Payer Health Care, handed to us and our mafia labor leadership on a silver platter, the latter DID NOTHING BUT TO ACTIVELY DENY AND SUBVERT it, us and ultimately themselves.
Any tactic necessary to AVOID DIRECT CONFRONTATION.
Total and complete betrayal, capitulation.
They threw all of us under the bus and into the garbage can, AS USUAL.
This is THEIR consistent, opportunistic, unprincipled, collaborative pattern. Every single opportunity that presents itself from Single Payer to private pension fund investment to the bogus Obooma stimulus package, tax gifts and giveaways to Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and friends, our labor leadership collaborates to SUPPORT IT/THEM AND DO NOTHING in opposition.
Thus, as they sow, shall they reap.
The chickens come home to roost, as Malcolm X said, referring to the Kennedy Assassination, before he, himself, was shot dead by agents of his own bogus, drug, criminal and CIA FRONT GROUP, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, all Obooma supporters.
And, of course, this pattern, in various forms and degrees, follows everywhere abroad, as well.

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