Wednesday, November 11, 2009


To quote an expression utilized by a famous TV character quite some time ago,
"How sweet it is!"
For those of you unfamiliar, or, who might recall, it was Ralph, Jackie Gleason, on the long running comedy sitcom, The Honeymooners.

Well, Mr. 5% Galbraith may be questioned and out in Kurdistan, BUT, everyone else is IN, the WHOLE NAZI, FASCIST GANG is here.
And, remember, still, there is Tony Buckingham's Heritage, Turkey's Genel Enerji, and Morgan Stanley Cazenove as advisors.

Here's just two more to add to a long laundry list of international companies, prominent names, well connected AND PRIVATE WEALTHY EMIGRES and INDIVIDUALS:

"...Mr Khalilzad’s Khalilzad Associates this year set up offices in Baghdad and the northern Kurdish city of Erbil from which it is advising companies wanting to do business in Iraq...
...Mr Garner, the de-facto US governor of Iraq after the war, sat on the board of Vast Exploration when it bought 37 per cent of a Kurdistan oil block two years ago and remains an adviser to the Canadian company. “Jay is very well known in Kurdistan and Iraq and it was useful to the company,” said a spokesman for Vast...."

Oh, friends, suckers, assholes and doormats of the world, how sweet is the smell of oil and gas and the collective, utter stupidity and collaboration of everyone else.

By the way, as a footnote, since the name Rafidain came up in another context, elsewhere, I thought I would mention that Rafidain Bank Iraq was a CHALABI owned PRIVATE bank, with extensive connections throughout the Middle East.
Here's a link:

So, Alfie, please, please, do tell me what it's all about??

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