Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's been reported BP, China, Eni, and now, an Exxon consortium, and, tentatively, other major internationals, have been "awarded" contracts, of course, pending Iraq's upcoming election.
NOT YET Russia's Lukoil, however.
No doubt, dependant, or, contingent upon Russia's collaboration regarding Iran.

However, one must read and study the fine print, carefully.
It is/was Iraq's SOUTH OIL COMPANY who awarded BP/China their contract.

Now, Iraq's South Oil Company, as I reported alittle while back in August, 2009, appointed a new director, namely, BROTHER OF DANA GAS/CRESCENT OIL octopus and empire HAMID JAFAR!
For the ignoramuses, a reminder, Hamid Jafar's extensive Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj tentacles reach from Kurdistan to Egypt, Yemen and Pakistan.
No doubt, Iraq, i.e., Dana Gas, will supply Nabucco.

By the way, a footnote regarding Yemen.
Yemen is to establish their first ever stock market by year's end, courtesy and help of Dubai, of course.
And, Iraq just passed their controversial election law.
ALSO, Iran's so-called 'Revolution,' actually, another variant of the multitudinous colored, velvet, whatever coups, is most decidely helped along, facilitated by the Pahlavi interests, who will, no doubt, succeed in retrieving some or most of that which they lost previously.

I did say sometime back, beginning first with Morgan Stanley's offshore First Persia Fund, that a bunch of petty, NAZI Iranian thugs, Mullahs are NO match for the despicable NAZI historical pedigree of Morgan Stanley and their international friends, associates, cohorts,
experts from WWII and onwards.

Thus, Iraq/Iran mopping up, regime change, congruency is on tap, the order of the day, necessary to facilitate greater regional privatization.

HOWEVER, as I have also reiterated, nothing regarding Iraq, or, anywhere, for that matter, is a done deal, yet, which is why there is and will be more extraordinary fireworks and explosions forthcoming, adding to that which has already happened.

Ignoring all the perfunctory, obligatory spin, propaganda, disinformation, here's one key sentence from the following, link below:

"...Behind the protest is the desire among many politicians to get a slice of the revenue through lucrative commissions to approve deals. The row over Rumailah has the potential to turn into a fully fledged battle over control of the vast revenues..."

Simultaneous battles ensuing around embattled NAZI Iranian Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Baghdad Oil Minster, Shahristani, not to mention Kirkuk and the KRG's Barzani/Talabani lucrative contracts.

And, then, thanks to someone else whom I do not know, I am reproducing a sentence which I found interesting, helpful, informative.
Sorry, I NEVER use twitter and I do not know to whom to attribute this piece of information.

So, feel free in the comment section below to add a link, correction, explanation for me and everyone else who might be reading this:

@iraqjustice did you know that Ammar Al Hakeem is Khamanai's grandson? in case you didn't you do.

And, for another helpful little reminder about Iranian Hakeem, Hakim background, here's something:

And, then, one more:

In my previous post regarding MECATAC, Sami Al-Araji's name is quoted. Well, Sami Araji is Iraq's deputy prime minister of Industry and Minerals, responsible for all Iraq's state-owned factories, clearly a privatization kingpin and dealmaker.
And then there is the well connected Merchantbridge, of course.

So, everyone, enjoy your ongoing, imperialist wars, infighting, much desired state of "perpetual class revolution" and/or dissolution, (and it most certainly will be PERPETUAL), anarchy, (for those who prefer it), reactionary barbarism, abysmal, grinding poverty, depravity, degradation, obscenity, banality, despair, etc.
You all have earned it, from Gorby to Bush to Obooma to United Suckers and Assholes AFL-CIA and all their international friends, collaborators, cohorts, partners in crime, etc.
As for what happens to/in NAZI occupied United Suckers and Assholes regarding the Phila transit strike and their workers, our deplorable, despicable, PRIVATIZED health care system, privately invested pension funds, they can all figure out what to do next in their newly blessed state of perpetual revolution.

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