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Just a few weeks ago, this month, I posted alittle exercise about recent developments in Yemen connected possibly to/with an ongoing, persistent battle, lawsuit, between Palestinian billionaire Masri and Palestinian/Greek, Khoury and their/his company, CCC, and their overlapping connections, as well, with Gaza's previous Gas War winners and losers.
I will refresh everyone's memory and link to my posts at the bottom of this entry.
Meanwhile, it seems, not only was/am I correct about these connections and relations, but, as usual, they go far deeper than I can possibly research on my own.

Altho not well organized, I will, nonetheless, feature, highlight some further interwoven, interconnecting material.
Some are redundant, from previous posts, but, a few are new, to me, at least.
For example, in the following, apparently, England's Baroness Symons is an international advisor BOTH to CCC and, as well, Iraq's MERCHANTBRIDGE.
Hope you all recall the well connected Merchantbridge and wealthy Iraq emigre Basil Rahim, Director, associated with Harvard's Iraq Memory Project, Kenan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke,

And, Carlyle Group, part of Merchantbridge.
Recall, amongst other connections, Merchantbridge was appointed to privatize Iraq's state firms:

And, now, glance at the following connections regarding CCC, Khoury, Masri, etc:

It appears Palestinian/Greek Khoury's CCC finally LOST their Yemen battle, lawsuit with Masri above:

But, currently, Iraq's Oil Ministry, do NOT know for sure if this means Iranian Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, is offering England's BP and Italy's ENI oil contracts.
Now, this COULD be related to the above connections OR it may be an attempt on Shahristani's part to BUY, BRIBE them in an effort to split an international coalition, noose, slowly, gradually, tightening around Iran/Iraq.

If so, it will not work.

It should be noted, in the first round of the Gaza Gas Wars, the losers were BG and their associates, PA and Khoury's CCC partners, although, they appear to have gotten a consolation prize, as you can see in one of my previous posts, below.
And, in the Yemeni oil deal, above, CCC and Khoury lost, again.
Here's a reminder/link to my previous post:

And, here's an interesting link which provides not only Baroness Symons interests, but, others as well:

Meanwhile, for REFERENCE, in case anyone is interested, I thought I would post some OLDER entries dealing with related subject matter, Gaza, PLO, Arafat, spooks, etc.:


And, a more current one, regarding Who Owns Israel:

Now, I have an important piece of advice and suggestion to others reading this blog with MORE, similar information, details, to add. I can do only so much, alone, myself, individually.

So, IF you have good info, I suggest, you share it with others in the comment section below and/or e-mail me.

As I have explained, many times over, these imperialist contradictions and rivalries will merely continue unfettered, unabated, unchained and unbridled, now that our GLOBAL, PRIVATIZING, IMPERIALIST genie has been let loose out of the bottle since the USSR dissolution.
The globe is reaping the bitter lemons, fruit, of a long sought after USSR counter-revolution and, now, Iraq.
Welcome back to the return of the barbaric, primitive world of private, capital accumulation, greed, vultures and speculators.
As for the most current Fascist GLOBAL attacks on labor and the working class and its corresponding state of NAZI perpetual warfare, I leave it to those on the FAKIR Left, Labor, Opposition who helped AID, ABET, FACILITATE, ENCOURAGE dissolution of the USSR, first and foremost, then, enabling Yugolavia and, now, Iraq, to solve the problems they created in the first place and reinvent that which they helped to destroy. This baby is your/their problem.
And, in case you doubt my characterizations, just glance at the first paragraph, sentences, below, about Iraq.
I will not bother even trying to deal with anything else.
Just use the lead paragraph as an instructive example which sets the tone for all else to me.
I have no words anymore to describe this unabashed, unprincipled phenomenoa.
The big and little lies, false characterizations, debasement, depravity, charade, excuses, rationalizations.
To me, it simply is too mindboggling, jawdropping, overwhelming, nauseating, sickening, repulsive, numbing.
I am at a loss for words.
I cannot stand to see or hear their completely hypocritical, cynical, duplicitous posturing, self-righteousness, morality propaganda, especially the scumbag in the White House.
It is like being, living, functioning in NAZI Germany.
The only thing left to do is leave, if you/one can.
United Suckers and Assholes is going nowhere but into the historical garbage bin, I might add, along with some others:

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