Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A national chain store exists here with the above name, which sells LOTS and LOTS of toys, judging by its name.
I do not know if it exists abroad also.
Now, I glanced below at the following link and LOL, laughed out loud.

Clearly, this must be a joke, I thought to myself, similar to my reaction when Venezuela's Hugo Chavez began waving around Chomsky's little "red" book in the U.N.
Hope you all recall that incident?
Ancient history, by now.
I knew that to be the beginning of the end for Chavez.
If he had not already been so, for sure, Chavez was then compromised by our ersatz, covert, CIA, State, Foundation sponsored fake Left/Opposition, encouraged as "advisors, friendly contacts, etc."
As I have said, with friends like these, you do not need enemies.

Of course, what is proposed below follows directly on the heels of Nader's recent insane, inane proposals about the super rich being our only hope and saviour.
And, now, this.
The one state solution for single payer returns with a vengeance.

Well, obviously, once again, it nicely avoids, circumvents direct CONFRONTATION, OPPOSITION either with our Federally funded NAZI tax dollar budget, AND/OR, our corrupt labor union support for both.
Both off the hook.
Unchallenged in this mirage, another red herring, like the bogus national public option plan they all support/ed.

However, of all states suggested below, ironically and comically, if one is familiar with the politics and economics in Pennsylvania, it is truly a farcical, ludicrous and preposterous proposal.
Pennsylvania is actually a quite reactionary, conservative state, nothing at all resembling California or NY.
It's largest city, Philadelphia, does NOT even have a MAJOR, significant, substantial, higher, or, lower, PUBLIC educational, university, or transportation system, in comparison to NY or California, let alone health care.
Both the State and City are overwhelmingly dominated by PRIVATE economic interests, all across the board.
In comparison either to California or NY, for example, what exists of a public system is a poor stepchild, which, once again, does and will NOT magically turn into Cinderella with a good, kind fairy God Mother and wave of the wand.
The Pennsylvania state budget and legislature is always crying poverty, feuding about taxes, funding, etc., etc.
ENORMOUS battles ensue consistently over the State's chronically LIMITED funding for equally limited public transportation.
The lower, elementary public school system is an embattled one, with private charter schools on the ascendency.
Libraries are closing, etc.,etc.
I could go on forever like this.

Additionally, since we ALREADY have one NATIONAL senior citizen medical insurance system, Medicare, limited though it be, it would seem to me once more under the above/below proposal, of necessity, a TWO tier health care insurance system would exist, a State one for those excluded by Medicare, the other for the senior citizens in a NATIONAL Medicare system!
Or, would our seniors be asked, expected, to give up their NATIONAL Medicare system, again, under attack??!!!
Another absolutely crazy proposal, designed, basically, to circumvent a PRINCIPLED position.

So, the name mentioned below ought to read Pinnochio, not Pennachio, another one of our illustrious, so-called, eternally progressive, "liberal" Democrats.

The suggestion below is as shameful as the rest of this abysmal, obscene, doormat nation of compromised, UNPRINCIPLED, Fascist colluders, collaborators, apologists, but, particularly so, BECAUSE, the campaign below began very well representing THE/A correct PRINCIPLED position:

Nothing else, nothing less.

NO compromise with Fascism, which is exactly what the following represents.
But, this is what, how and why the PROCESS, the struggle, the battle, in each and every instance, gets dumbed and numbed down, coopted, reduced, compromised, again and again, mostly, primarily, due to the unbridled, UNPRINCIPLED, coopted, institutionalized, position of our official class representatives, organized labor.
It is one thing to lose a PRINCIPLED battle.
It is another to have NO PRINCIPLES at all:


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