Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well, below is an upcoming Middle East extravaganza not to be missed, this time, in Saudi Arabia, as opposed to their kissing cousins in Dubai and the GCC, and, if you happen to be anybody who is a somebody, i.e., a STINKING RICH, euphemism, "High Net Worth," individual, you MUST attend.
If you are anything less, a peon, forget it. By invitation only.
One can follow further embedded links.

By the way, adding to the Middle East escalating arms bazaar is Saudi Arabia, planning to purchase $44 BILLION of military equipment from Russia as well as the US.

Link about that arms purchase afterwards:

In case you missed it, here is one of the links to peruse from above:

And, here is some info and statistics from last month about that MAJOR upcoming, $44 BILLIION, Saudi-Russian-US arms purchase I mentioned, above, updated recently:

And, a nice editorial comment and SYMBOLIC gesture from Turkey to the above and more.
Too bad these shoe throwers keep missing.
They need to perfect the art of shoe tossing.
Practice makes perfect.
PLENTY of reasons and opportunities will exist, however, to practice and perfect the art of shoe tossing from now until eternity:

Finally, to end, in honor of Turkey's shoe thrower, above, and, their current IMF/World Bank scheduled protests, (see yesterday's post, below), and, Turkey's overall principled, inspirational opposition, I thought I would post, once more, a refresher, a reminder, from their Mayday, 2009 events and accompanying video:

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