Saturday, October 3, 2009


The KRG/Baghdad/Iran showdown and contradictions grind inexorably upwards, onwards and forwards, like good Christian Soldiers, despite all entreaties, threats, cajoling to the contrary.

The KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum simply intensifies as everyone digs themselves further and further into the muck and mire of their own making and economic positions, with too much to win and/or lose.

All blathering about nuclear Iran simply creates an INTERNATIONAL basis, justification, rationale, for further actions and sanctions, economic strangulation, in order to weaken Ahmadimoron's Revolutionary Guard grip on government, power and legitimacy AND thus his/their role, domination, influence, strangulation both in Iran and, by extension, Baghdad's government and the MANY, NUMEROUS problems created by RUMSFELD/CHENEY'S pro-Iran policies, engagement, collaboration, i.e., Iraq war and occupation on the cheap.

Here's but a FEW articles updating the intractable Iran/Baghdad/KRG dilemma, cul-de-sac, generating our upcoming, necessary, Big Bang Middle East resolution and explosion, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario I have been forecasting for some time SINCE they BEGAN liquidating, eroding Sadr's military influence in Iraq:

And, in the following, of course, ALL people mentioned are Iranian, particularly, Baghdad's problematic Oil Minister, thus, a continuing recipe for disaster:

Meanwhile, Iran's privatization gallops forward, one article, below, on the subject.

The only reason I selected the one below is to demonstrate HOW much Iran's Revolutionary Guards are enmeshed in a ground floor operation, economic power grab, INCLUDING, by extension, to Iraq/Baghdad, which is why the problem exists above:

And, in the following completely absurd, hypocritical, ridiculous statement by Turkey's crypto-Islamic NAZI AKP Erdogan regarding the IMF, you will notice ALL the important names I mention in my blog are together in one article, below, Akbank, Citigroup...

"...Akbank, the lender part-owned by Citigroup, stayed profitable throughout the crisis and posted second-quarter net of $494 million, up 44 percent from a year earlier..."

....Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Turkey's Koc Group, about whom I do not speak alot:

However, sanctions alone will not be sufficient to solve the explosive Iraq conundrum above.

Additionally, too many imperialist contradictions exist now which tend to undermine attempts to impose rigid sanctions by creating avenues of leaky, opportunistic, shady, covert dealings to circumvent them.
Sanctions take TIME to work.
And, they do NOT HAVE TIME.
They have until OR BEFORE the January 2010 elections.

So, as I have said, the sanction and the nuke issue merely lays an international groundwork, framework, basis and recognition for escalating actions and interventions.
The specifics on how this will play itself out I do not know.
I am sure many scenarios are being contemplated on a moving chessboard as I write.
Whatever form it takes will be COORDINATED, as is visible already, possibly, most likely, with multiple elements of surprise.
Such plans are NOT announced ahead of time, obviously.
But, one can easily see a plan unfolding on an international arena, some of which I have demonstrated in my posts.
And, it is the Iraq/Iran/KRG explosive conundrum which will influence events related to Afghanistan, not the other way around.
THE CENTERPIECE is Iraq and its neighborhood.

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