Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Hope springs eternal in the human breast," or, so it is said.

But, the following link, below, represents REAL, CONCRETE, MATERIAL, not ephemeral, cause for HOPE and CHANGE in United Assholes and Suckers present NAZI occupied White House, corporate, Obooma Dictatorship:

I have posted information about this struggle on my blog previously.
But, you can refer backwards for refreshers, reminders to the links below as well as further reading on NUHW's own website, link embedded ABOVE:

Speaking of another kind of change, curious, isn't it, the timing and place of the assassinations, suicide bombings, on HIGH RANKING NAZI ersatz Islamic Iranian Revolutionary Guards, coincidental to/with the events posted just below and after Hillary's Russian trip?
Certainly indicates HIGH LEVEL, DEEP penetration to me.
That's one amongst many tactics in their arsnel, tool kit of mopping up, congruency and regime change.
And, of course, Pakistan's military is now involved, all around.
After all, all these Islamic militias, drug/war lords, Taliban, etc., were OUR covert creations, operations, in the first place, funded and created through Pakistan's ISI, BCCI, Saudis, CIA, etc.
Now, all of Pakistan, Afghanistan is to be privatized, along with their as yet unbuilt TAP pipeline and the ports they will serve.
"Gotta" do some big time mopping up all around, as a mafia don would say.
And, in case you missed it or are really, really dumb, dense, stupid, here's a reminder, the opening sentence from MECATAC'S homepage website.
The boldface is NOT MY emphasis.

"MECATAC has been established as a consulting company after a long talk with the U.S. Department of Defense Task Force to Improve Business and Stability Operations in Iraq..."
See my post just below...

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