Sunday, October 25, 2009


The inevitable KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum, explosion, contradictions, showdown, about which I have been writing for some time grinds forward inexorably with a few media outlets now making SOME warning proclamations, noises, of ominous possibilities, problems surrounding Iraq's on and off again, scheduled January 2010 "elections."
Too many reports exist at the moment for me to bother itemizing.

The Iraq War continues and continues and continues, unabated, about to become MORE highly charged and explosive than it is already.
More shocking and awful.

As T. Boone Pickens made eminently clear, the US paid and thus will DETERMINE who gets what in Iraq. He who pays the piper calls the tune. And, a few pipsqueak, upstart, NAZI Iranian Mullah and/or Ahmadimoron's Revolutionary Guards and/or two bit KRG pimps and their Peshmerga militias AND THEIR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS, APOLOGISTS, COLLABORATORS, COHORTS are living in lala land if they actually believe they will or can call the shots.

So, mopping up, regime change, congruency and more fireworks in order, forthcoming, along with same regarding Afghanistan and US ally Pakistan working ALONGSIDE, with, the US and NATO.

They have to clean up ALL their many, messy crypto, fundamentalist, NAZI Islamic militias, regional drug lords, warlords which they created in the first place to "fight Communism" and are now impediments to privatization.

And, then, there is Russia, which remains an imperialist competitor and/or collaborator, to some extent, possibly, both.
But, one possible solution to the Russian dilemma ALSO is regime change, or, at least, a cosmetic one.
If the few industries still remaining in Russian State hands were completely privatized, or, re-privatized, as in the case of partially State owned Gazprom, which, I believe, is on the agenda, then, all would be well in the State of Denmark, no imperialist inconsistencies, no contradictions.
Russian problem disappears magically. Poof! Gone. Vanished.
Putin/Medvedev or someone else can go only one of two ways.
Either he/they RENATIONALIZE everything or they finish PRIVATIZING.
Partial State enterprise Gazprom monies currently are used to help subsidize their oligarchs.
I see nothing good coming from either of the two above but further privatization.

The US "Grand Bargain' is NOT about/with Iran, but, Russia.

Iran's Mullahs and Ahmadimoron are merely dispensable, disposable, nauseating, sickening, abysmal, petty, human garbage, scum, bargaining chips.

Of course, Iranian NAZI hired help, Mullahs, Fascist militias, criminal human dregs, will TRY to leverage their power in the Middle East and Iraq as much as possible to retain their present status.
But, as I have said, such entrenchment will work only to achieve the opposite ends.
They dig themselves in deeper and deeper and an ever greater cataclysm will ensue.
The present NAZI Iraq puppet government already is labelled, considered, a "caretaker one."

And, here are just a few of the POSSIBILITIES to consider regarding Russian and US collaboration, developments:

"Russian Giant Gazprom Eyes US Market":

Russia, Sakhalin, Exxon:

And, the following excerpt, regarding Russia, US, Shotkman, link follows:

"...The meeting is the latest in a series of signals from the Kremlin that Russia might be softening its notoriously Draconian stance on foreign investment in its oil and gas. Moscow has long insisted Yamal was off-limits to the Western majors, and that Russian giant OAO Gazprom would develop the region's resources on its own..."

There is more.
Meanwhile, a draconian, NAZI/Fascist, counter revolutionary, reactionary labor assault and its corresponding privatization continues advancing EVERYWHERE ON THE GLOBE, with, as yet, NO MAJOR, SIGNIFICANT, PRINCIPLED, organized led opposition, offensive, resistance, HERE, except for the few courageous individuals and people I have highlighted before, such as Sal Rosselli and his/their nascent, newly formed NUHW, challenging the SEIU Andy Stern led criminal gang and AFL-CIA hierarchy. See:

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