Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, United Suckers and Assholes Single Payer medical care insurance opposition melted away like snow, evaporated, due, PRIMARILY, first and foremost, to United Suckers and Assholes collaborative, organized, institutionalized, CORRUPT, class representatives, their twin, sister, AFL-CIA and SEIU, Andy Stern gang, "Change to Win," labor unions and their ACTIVE divide and conquer tactics, support for their NAZI Obooma Dictatorship's bogus, red herring, public option alternative.

Of course, nobody here wishes to present it in this fashion, since that would NECESSITATE reality therapy and some sort of confrontational change.
NOBODY is prepared to do that.
As one of those pithy descriptive adages states, "go along to get along."
Thus, as forecast, as day follows night, NO unified, militant, principled, class action OF ANY SORT WHATSOEVER FOR SINGLE PAYER.

Instead, now, we have some so-called alternative, ersatz progressives lobbying for Single Payer STATE BY STATE, a totally unrealistic, unfeasible project by any rational standard, and, thus, a really good excuse, a way to avoid, circumvent, rationalize lack of principled class confrontation as represented above and complete, total, despicable labor, class, abdication, betrayal, collaboration, collusion and capitulation to/with Fascism.

NO CHALLENGE, no threat to, no responsibility for, the UNPRINCIPLED behavior of our organized, institutionalized class representatives, and/or, TRILLIONS of tax dollars nationally allocated, down the drain, to subsidize private corporations, their expansion abroad, the military, etc.:

But, take heart. All is not lost.
In contrast to the above, here's something else from a different place entirely.
A tale of two or more worlds parted not simply by geographical accident, a liquid ocean, but, much, much more profound:

And, finally, a special little musical tribute also from another time, place and world.
A marvelous rendition of a Pete Seeger song below sung by one of my favorites.
An English language version alternative is available on the right hand sidebar, if you prefer.

But, somehow, I think it works much better sung this way:

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