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Well, unser NAZI Baby Fuhrer and Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan White House CIA petty slave boy, Obooma, was rejected by the Olympic Committee, came home empty handed, so, the world compensated THEIR NAZI Fuhrer with a PR pacifier, the Nobel Bomb Prize, (Nobel's family fortune came from dynamite) in order to pump up NAZI baby Fuhrer Obooma's image, pride and standing.

And, now, back to reality, Iraq and the "forgotten" but, by NO means, finished war:

"WSJ:Iraq To Present 750 Projects At US Investment Conference":

Of course, we still have an upcoming mopping up, regime change, congruency KRG/Baghdad/Iran scenario to play itself out within the next few months, on, by, or, before January, 2010.

And, on a side note, Russia, NOW partnered with the US regarding Iran/Iraq, will receive a few more rewards for their cooperation, like Lukoil in Iraq, Gazprom investments IN THE US and so on.

Tit for tat. Quid pro quo.
But, enough on this subject, of which volumes more can be said.

And, now, turning my attention to the opposite end of the globe for the latest hypocritical manufactured dissent.

Below, a report about United Suckers and Assholes charter schools, attack and DISMANTLING of public education, and, some supposed fightback in United Suckers and Assholes COLLABORATIVE, DOORMAT nation extraordinaire.
A reader AT THE BOTTOM made an ASTUTE remark IN THE COMMENT SECTION below the article.
I highlighted FROM THE COMMENT SECTION, NOT THE ARTICLE, ITSELF, a few of his sentences.
I used boldface type for the last sentence.
The acronyms and abbreviations will be apparent from the article, once you read it.

Article and link follows (from COMMENT SECTION):

"...In Los Angeles and San Francisco, years of avoidance by UTLA and UESF have caused several of the charters to organize independent unions. Faced with large member losses due to declining enrollment and charters, UTLA and UESF are now trying to annex those groups, in some cases against the will of the members.
Lastly, need I point out that the father of the charter school movement was--Albert Shanker, former UFT and AFT President?"


Now, in addition to the VERY astute remark above, let's run down a few more crocodile tears and obvious hypocritical policies as part of United Suckers and Assholes controlled, manufactured dissent.

Aside from, or, in continuation of the above policies, why should I or anyone else support our public education labor struggle when these very same unions do NOT support National, Single-Payer health care?
Instead, they work actively to subvert it through means of a bogus divide and conquer public option plan.
Even imperialist capital interests do better.
They at least bargain with each other. Quid pro quo.
So, what do I personally get from these unions above?
IF they answer, but what about your children?
I respond, I have NO children.
Nor do my friends or relatives have children in school.
I have NO personal stake in the matter.
But, PERHAPS, respond our above labor unions, public education is a CLASS ISSUE!!
As a matter of fact, if my tax dollars do NOT go to public education, perhaps they can go, instead, to NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE.
Now, I think you can see where this line of argument, reasoning goes if one follows it to its logical, bitter conclusion.

Then, let's look at another aspect.

If these unions are so against the above public education policies, should not they declare themselves INDEPENDENT of and OPPOSED to the Democratic Party???
How can these unions at one and the same time be in opposition while contributing directly to and organizing for the Democrats???
Sounds hypocritical and schizophrenic to me.

And, did these very same unions OBJECT when NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship happily gave away MY/OUR/YOUR/THEIR tax dollars to all the above private corporations in the form of a bogus stimulus package, (with more to come), subsidies, gifts, boondoggles, bonanzas, trillions of dollars in NATIONALIZED debt, instead of nationalized jobs, industries, resources??
Answer. No.
The same unions ACTIVELY SUPPORT the bogus stimulus package, tax giveaways, gifts, etc., or, are/were conspicuously absent, missing in action and silent.
Same follows for military budget.

And, then, of course, let's go one step further to my favorite issue.
Labor pension fund investments, the epicenter of earthquake, volcanic contradictions.

As I have reiterated on this blog so many times in so many ways on so many posts, ALL United Suckers and Assholes labor pension funds are invested in one way or another into those same PRIVATE corporations, domestic, and/or, overseas. So, labor pension "success," solvency, is dependant upon expansion and profitability of those very same corporations in which they invest, hence, collaboration with overseas expansion, imperial, counter-revolutionary, reactionary, privatization policies.

So, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

And, then, for example, more cynical hypocritical policies on the home front.
For the most part, United Suckers and Assholes higher educational, university system, is a PRIVATIZED one, with some, a few, state and/or city/local, tax funded institutions, which are ALSO constantly being eroded INSTEAD OF EXPANDED.

Furthermore, our PRIVATE, higher educational universities are OFTEN major, private real estate investors, speculators, slumlords, landlords, etc., as well.

Yet, our PRIVATE institutions continue to receive major public tax subsidies in myriad ways.
For example, they pay NO real estate taxes despite the fact they are significant PROFIT GENERATING, private investors, and, they often research with both government tax payer and private funds, results of which are APPROPRIATED by PRIVATE corporations, etc.,etc.
In other words, a two tier educational system exists in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship, with a PRIVATE, for profit one, FAVORED, SUBSIDIZED, EXPANDED in myriad ways, and, as a consequence, the public one more and more diminished, impoverished, starved, exploited, becoming the ugly Cinderella stepchild, a mere underfunded, holding pen, day care center, for working class children, proportionally high minorities, with no other monies and resources at their disposal.
But, this time around, NO charming, handsome, wealthy Prince appears to save our Cinderella public lower and HIGHER education system.
Separate and/but UNEQUAL!

And, where are our institutionalized, organized, working class representatives in this PROCESS??
The answer in the comment section above and MY remarks, as well.

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