Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ongoing revelations continue about Galbraith's involvement and investment with Norway's DNO in northern Iraq, below.
Of course, timing is NOT an accident, as I have explained.

HOWEVER, the explanation for everything everywhere lies within the specific details of the ECONOMICS, FINANCE, MONEY, INVESTMENTS that EVERYONE stands to gain or lose, in our global, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, imperialist warfare and privatization scheme.

Iraq is not an isolated event.

Galbraith is but the latest Iraq Mr. 5%.
Everyone should recall by now Canadian oil company Heritage and its previous owner, Gulbenkian, and his partnership with the mysterious Eagle Group of Iraq, for example.

Galbraith took a page out of the history lesson from Heritage's Gulbenkian who, himself, was FORMER Mr. 5% of Iraq's ORIGINAL oil company, previous to its nationalization.

Of course, Heritage NOW has a combined ownership of notorious British mercenary and sleazebag Tony Buckingham, along with nominal "state" KRG representatives, i.e., Talabani and Barzani, Turkish investors Genel Enerji, and other investors, directors, interested parties, which can be ascertained from Heritage's own website and the ubiquitous Morgan Cazenove as Heritage "advisers."
So, link about Galbraith, DNO followup:

But, the intractable, irresolvable, contradictory authority and explosion represented above/below between the KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum continues playing itself out, festering, unabated and cannot be wished away, no matter what anyone says, ignores or denies.

The conflict has its own momentum, denouement, precisely, a deadline of January, 2010, if not before then.
And that upcoming explosion stands BEHIND ALL present flurry of diplomatic activity between Israeli Defense Minister Barak's sudden interest and visit to Poland and the Czech Republic, dual track diplomacy, almost concurrent with Hillary Clinton's talks in Russia.
The last time a high ranking Israeli official went on a sneak trip alone to Russia just a few days, weeks ago, Russia suddenly came on board around Iran sanctions.
So, a very curious, odd, sudden, seemingly, public reversal:

One can only speculate on what is/was being negotiated, bargained by Barak, but, for sure, it is related to the above.

Of course, Israel ALSO is selling/pedaling military hardware to Poland, which should be a message to Russia.

And, curiously, depending on which contradictory, vague, doublespeak report one reads about Hillary Clinton and Medvedev and Iran sanctions, (forget the nukes, it's the above), the following report mentions timing related to the UN, which I found an intriguing tidbit BECAUSE...following this article...:

...BECAUSE, the following two excerpted paragraphs relate both to the UN and upcoming, contested Iraq elections:

"....Approximately three months before the scheduled parliamentary elections, the Council of Representatives has not yet come to consensus on an election law," they said...
...Any attempt to postpone the coming election will lead to a constitutional vacuum that this country will face, because the current Iraqi parliament will lose its legitimacy after January 16, 2010, which will cause a wave of chaos in this country that could ruin all that we've achieved," al-Maliki said in a statement on Tuesday....

As I have said, there is NO way around the unavoidable Baghdad/Iran/KRG confrontation, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario represented above.
There is no "diplomatic solution."
The conflict can and will NOT continue indefinitely.
And, that resolution, in my opinion, MUST have a military dimension, which is totally obvious and why the Middle East is quickly becoming an ever escalating armed camp.

Recall, as well, Turkey's military has made their position perfectly clear and unambiguous about the unacceptable status of an independent Kirkuk and a fragmented, partitioned, unstable, contested Iraq.

The present Iraq/Iran government with whom everyone is negotiating is going to look very different in alittle while.

All present Iraq commercial activity, contracts, dealings, posturing, etc., is not worth the paper on which it is currently being written or proposed, as I have previously said and which, indeed, so far, has held true,
There is no exit, no way out.
It is a cul-de-sac.
The question what sort of confrontation, dimensions, will be determined in the upcoming few months.
In answer to the above, I do not believe Putin and/or Medvedev are suicidal.
Neither desire an uncontrolled demolition, explosion in their backyard.
Given the above, what sort of POSSIBLE scenarios MIGHT one contemplate under official auspices, umbrella, cover, "sanctioned" by the UN, AS SUGGESTED, HINTED above regarding an Iraq election or government deemed illegitimate and "in chaos, free fall?"
There are many previous examples that come to mind, Yugoslavia being but one.
A few things are sure, however.
A military dimension is imperative in ANY solution.
The Iraq government as it presently exists will NOT exist in 6 months to a year from now.
It will look very different.
Likewise, Iran's current NAZI crypto-Islamic Mullah Dictatorship.
Sanctions and pressure on Iran's present NAZI psuedo Islamic regime are ongoing and expanding, despite Russia's public statements, or, posture to the contrary.
And, Russia either will actively or passively cooperate, or, face the real, distinct possibility of further regional conflagration, escalation, engulfment, entanglement and all out warfare and annihilation or obliteration, which, for sure, certainly is not in their interests.

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