Thursday, October 15, 2009


The above/below about the Israeli flag flying in the UAE, and, following articles say it all to me:

In addition, out of the horse's mouth of the infamous, well connected, Carlyle Group in Dubai, of course.

Where else?
These NAZIS are so predictably self-confident and proud in their Dictatorships that they openly make such statements and pronouncements in public, Press Releases, etc.

But, of course, why should they not be self-confident since YOU ALL, United Suckers and Assholes working class, are helping finance and enable THEIR counter-revolutionary project, above, along with our bogus, fake, ersatz, manufactured, impotent Left/Opposition:

"Saudi, Turkey to Lead Middle East Private Equity":
A few choice excerpts, link following.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...[Carlyle Director] Rubenstein was speaking at the Super Return conference, the annual gathering of the private equity industry in Dubai....
....Rubenstein also singled out Iraq, which in coming years could become a more important investment target... "As the economy recovers from the war you'll see more capital flowing in," he said..."

But, you also can go directly to one of many sources like the preceding for more blatant, in your face, international investment conferences and news, reports, studies from Dubai, of course.
After all YOU too are silent partners in the above/below criminal, barbaric NAZI enterprise.
You pay for it in more ways than one, mostly, through nationalizing debt with working class tax subsidies, gifts, giveaways and military expenditures, war, deaths, AND, IF you happen to be one of those many individuals in a private pension fund euphemistically called institutional investors, you, too, ARE, indeed, very much a SILENT partner in the "successful" outcome of this criminal enterprise:

And, below is what or who you help finance, but, unfortunately for them, NOW, must be moderated, ameliorated, liquidated, eliminated, contained in order to achieve the desired goals above, i.e, t
he mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario in Iraq/Iran about which I write.
It could not happen to nicer people, however.
Poetic justice, one might say.
Below is a concise roundup, an invaluable English language service, translation, about Maliki's background.

Many thanks for providing this for those, such as myself, who cannot access primary Arabic sources, and, am NOT familiar with ALL the many splendiferous details, specific horrors, trail of blood, for EVERYONE involved in the Middle East.
Cannot know everything about everyone, everywhere and ALL world history combined together.
Helps fill in gaps, missing links and holes in the narrative.

Of course, the people like Maliki and those represented below, are merely petty criminal, mafia, drug lords, gangsters, hired help, NAZI thugs, barbarians, goon squad, etc., for THE CONTINUED PERPETUATION, EXISTENCE, SUCCESS OF THOSE ABOVE.

As such, they, like Hitler's Brown Shirts, are expendable, disposable, replaceable, interchangeable human commodities, once they have achieved the desired purposes FOR THOSE ABOVE, who, themselves, NEVER dirty their own hands, are personally in danger, attacked, liquidated, killed, assassinated, etc., except, of course, in such historical instances as the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, Chinese Communist Revolution and others around the globe subsequently UNDERMINED AND/OR OVERTURNED:

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