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I thought I would take alittle diversionary side trip, stroll, tour today, to perform a seemingly tangential exercise, task, but one which demonstrates a point quite nicely, I think.

So, I imagine, you, the reader, wherever, whomever you are, and I, as well, have certainly been hearing, reading about fighting and/or riots, disturbances in Yemen recently.

I do NOT, myself, personally, know what is happening in Yemen, that is, precisely who is sponsoring the disturbances, causes, noises, issues, who benefits, the reasons, background, etc.

But, let's look at some CURSORY information I gathered below from only a FEW searches for some CLUES as to POSSIBLE suspects, culprits and OVERLAPPING VESTED INTERESTS and CONFLICTS.

And, then, as you will see, it all links BACKWARDS, overlaps, to a previous conflict, the Gaza Gas wars.

So, first alittle reminder, snapshot, of the principal actors involved in this regional, but, really global, drama.
Much of this information should not be new by now IF you are astute readers of this blog.
But, just a cursory SNAPSHOT reminder, review.

First, from wiki, introducing a new person to myself, at least, Palestinian born, multi-billionaire, Munib Masri:

And, then, we go to Arab/Palestinian/Lebanon/Greek CCC, Consolidated Contractors Company.
They are old hat, involved with what I labeled previously the Gaza Gas Wars:

And, now, having set the stage, we travel onwards in the second act to Yemen and a conflict between the two principal actors named above, from 2007 :

Then, following along to January, 2008:

And, on to April 2008:

And, finally, October, 2008:

Here's some further background info about CCC, the Khoury family, apparently, constructing Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison, etc.
Like I said, I featured much of this information on previous posts in relation to the Gaza Gas Wars.
There is one very important note of distinction to be emphasized in the following article, however.
Khoury, the CCC, have at their personal disposal NO state army, whereas the function of ALL present day militaries is to extend power, leverage, to help advance, promote, defend, expand, protect these private fortunes, empires, corporations:

Now, I will link, below, to my previous post regarding the Gaza Gas Wars and all the actors above as a reminder, in case you have forgotten.
But, before I do that, one caveat regarding Yemen.
Be aware, other famous interconnected, overlapping actors exist in this drama, as well.
For example, Exxon and Hunt, who have a long, notorious history in Yemen and recently lost a Yemeni lawsuit.
Nor are they alone:

Now, as promised, a reminder from a previous entry about the Gaza Gas Wars in which CCC, Khoury overlap with the PA/BG offshore gas deal and all lost out, at least, in the first military go round, to Egypt's EMG/Israel partnership.
You must wind your way backwards through the embedded links to see the overlapping AND CONFLICTING/COMPETING interests represented above/below:

And, so goes internecine, imperialist warfare, conflict, strategic competition AND the sands of shifting alliances.

The more detailed information one has regarding specific investment interests and those who stand to benefit or lose from them, the more one understands who is fighting or sponsoring whom, why, for which, whose reasons, purpose, etc.

Or, at least, you can get a reasonably good supposition.

In the fluid, dynamic, moving, imperialist world of the PRIVATIZING, competing chessboard, today's friends can just as easily become tomorrows enemies as everybody juggles for strategic position, empire, market and fortune.
And, lastly, as part of this exercise, I will add two other links.

First, a handy dandy Forbes magazine roundup of names and interests with which one should become familiar, if not already so:

And, then, the folks below, also, whom I mention only because they, too, are another competing, up and coming, imperialist interest, the opportunistic, aspiring "wannabes" to the above, but, do the hands on dirty work for them, the hired guns, and, also, because these present day crypto Islamic NAZIS are presented as something other than what they are so clearly.
But, they have outlived their usefulness:

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