Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, as forecast, here it comes, below.
Enjoy your MANY upcoming imperialist wars and contradictions.
Oh, yes, Iran Mullahs are TOAST.

Absolute toast.
Just watch what happens to them.

You can see an orchestrated scenario already unfolding.
The sanctions and nuke ploy first.

As for Russia, I could not care less what happens to it, them and Putin at this point.
They are now simply one amongst numerous competing imperialist powers in a a world of competing imperialist interests, no better, no worse.
But, they happen to be a large, geographic entity, strategically situated, which is what makes them so important:

Meanwhile, Turkey's PRINCIPLED opposition and resistance continues unabated AGAINST the ABOVE policies, which, is MUCH MORE than I can say for most anyone here and not too many abroad, as well.

And, I also used the link below, BECAUSE, on the right hand side, you will notice another headline, with billionaire financier George Soros, major United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Democrat and Hillary supporter, claiming State Capitalism will expand.
Well, that's simply a nice euphemism for NAZISM/FASCISM.
So, what else is new?
Well, there is alittle something new following this article, in Romania, apparently:

In Romania, Bucharest the peasants, wage slaves, serfs seem to be getting alittle too noisey, demanding and uppity, apparently, not fully appreciative of and enjoying the many fruits of their recent, capitalist liberation and democratization.
MUCH MORE OF THIS and these policies TO COME, gratis of the above.
If one lives in an EXPANDING PRIVATIZED world of imperialist power relationships, contradictions and competition, then, those are its many consequences.
Get used to it:

Finally, in note both to the above and the outcome of the Greek election, I thought I would link to something from 2006:

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