Monday, January 26, 2009


If you have been following my blog for some time, you are aware of events surrounding the BG-PA versus EMG-Israel offshore Gaza gas partnerships, conflicts, wars since June 2007.
For reference only, in case you are new to this subject or can not remember, a link to my previous blogs on this matter.
Background for the Gaza gas deal is in bold face type from June 2007 approximately half way down the text in the following entry:

In the first offshore Gaza gas war, above, from June, 2007, the losers appeared to be BG and those associated with the PA and Lebanon's Khoury family, the CCC Contractors.

At that time, the EMG-Israel deal won.

However, in my blog entry above at the very bottom, note my other link to a different, previous blog from May 2008 regarding who won what in Lebanon's subseqent war.
I will relink to it directly, here, in case you missed it.
I advise you read the following very, very carefully:

Now, just recently, around January 19, 2009, Isramco and Noble Energy announced they discovered gas DEEP (my previous comments on abiotic, ubiquitous deep versus mythological peak oil) offshore Haifa, Israel, an area to which they refer as the Tamar field:

Then, Lebanon disputed Israel's claims to the territorial offshore waters, above.

So, now, in addition to this sudden Isramco/Noble Energy offshore Haifa, Tamar, gas find, above, guess WHICH gas deal appears simultaneously in a revamped, somewhat modified form?

Put on your thinking caps.
This should be an easy question and answer.
I've given you lots of hints.
I virtually spelled it out.

The Egypt, PA, Lebanon Khoury, Gaza offshore gas partnership! Voila!! Everybody happy!!

Except EMG, this time.

So, the BG-PA-Lebanon Khoury offshore Gaza gas to be piped to Egypt via a Sinai pipeline to then be developed into liquified natural gas and shipped to Europe.
As an aside, Europe, Italy has the world's first, major, offshore, LNG terminal.
Just what NOBODY needs, LNG.
Here's alittle extra info about the world's first offshore LNG terminal in Italy:

And, here's the article to which I am referring, above, about the revived PA-BG-Egypt-Lebanon Khoury Gas partnership:

And, about EMG, the clear losers at the moment.
They have some economic troubles, at least $30 million from a Thai partnership, if not more:

One thing is crystal clear.

ALL energy partners above are PRIVATE ones.
None nationalized!
THAT IS THE POINT of this entire Middle East adventure.
More to come about related matters at another time, for example, Russia, Afghan, US conflict and, domestically, Blagoyevich's potential Obooma upset, gangster revenge and Oboomaland disintegration.

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