Thursday, January 15, 2009


The following article is about Russia's Gazprom.
What the writer regards most terrible about Gazprom, I consider most wonderful, the very best part.
The problem.
The remainder of Russia's natural and industrial assets are still privatized and Gazprom continues to function as a partially, not fully, nationalized corporation and thus dependent upon the vagaries of export markets, competition, pricing and profitability.
Another reason I chose the article, below, it names William Browder and his firm, Hermitage, who is/was declared persona non grata by Putin.
Wm Browder is grandson of former American CPUSA Chairman, Earl Browder, who was unceremoniously ousted from his position circa 1946 because, in a nutshell, he advocated liquidating the CP in the US as unnecessary. Browderism became a pejorative term. Lots of questions remain about Earl Browder and his role.
Anyway, regarding William and his firm, the apple does not fall far from the tree:

And, abit more about Gazprom's intentional strangulation and its vulnerabilities:

So, what is Gazprom's crime?
What makes Gazprom so onerous?
ONLY the above and nothing else.

The US needs a comparable, much greater Gazprom.
Amongst the multitudinous, obsene horrors presented by Obooma and his Nazi Democrats private subsidies and tax giveaways, precisely what we do NOT need, a nearby LNG terminal:

All the above MUST, unhesitantly, without qualifications, be reversed, stopped, halted, blocked, opposed!
The US working class and taxpayer is committing national hari-kari, mortgaging themselves into privatized peonage, bondage, serfdom, dependency, subservience, slavery by accepting ANY of the above.
Correspondingly, absolutely NO reason exists for the US military to have a presence abroad EXCEPT for the protection and expansion of its private multinational corporations.
What the hell is the US doing in the Middle East anyway??!!
The US military essentially functions as a mercenary army paid for by working class taxpayer dollars to advance, expand and protect private international corporations.
Their and our interests are NOT identical.
They are OPPOSITE.
The more they expand, the worse for EVERYBODY else and us. It's a reverse ratio and proportions.
The more they contract, the better for all.
But, if we do not own and control our own resources and industries, we are totally and completely dependent upon and subservient to the economic success of those private corporations and their bloody expansionist enterprises and profitability abroad.
To paraphrase Sartre, the relationship expressed above is an existential, inextricable, economically intertwined and parasitic "No Exit." No way out.
Each and every collaborative step taken, every single compromise with Fascism, deepens this symbiotic economic entanglement above and makes extraction, or, disengagement ever more difficult and potently explosive.
Hence, comes the meaning of revolutionary convulsions.
To use an old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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