Sunday, January 11, 2009


Citigroup, the world's largest, private, global, Fascist financial octupus will legally consummate by marriage their presently unofficial corporate relationship with another establishment of comparable Nazi pedigree, Morgan Stanley:;_ylt=AnwxH7QyNNuWym3h5ZX8DpWyBhIF

Morgan Stanley, in addition to Iran's First Persia Fund is now setting up shop in Saudi Arabia, also:

Germany's Deutsche Bank, of impeccable Nazi pedigree and lineage, junior or co-equal partner in the GCC speculative and privatizing bubble, is following up its historical background with an equally fictitious religious creation, a Sharia Compliant [Islamic] Fund...:

In this circular money-go-round that I have been following all along, the GCC privatizing, speculative bubble, in turn, Abu Dhabi to purchase in CASH a 70% stake in a major German industrial conglomerate, MAN Ferrostaal AG:

All the above, in another circular fashion, collaborate with Nazi Islamic Iran and Iran's Nazi militias and their dismantling and persecution of Iraq's Baath Arab Socialist Party and Iran also helps sponsor Jewish/Zionist Israel's supposed Islamic enemy, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Here's just ALITTLE background on the Iran-Hamas relationship:

Meanwhile, historical Nazi programs of fictitious religious and ethnic character and sectarianism are perpetuated and utilized by their Iranian Nazi counterparts in Iraq and Iraq's so-called, upcoming, elections. Here's one:

And, more, at:

And, a Lebanese Opposition Group Accuses Hezbollah of Iranian Connections:

All the above occurs as our GCC conferences and extravaganzas continue unabated. The upcoming conference, below, about Arab Wealth Investment is, of course, in Dubai, the Switzerland of the Gulf:

And, I can't resist an interesting postscript to the Gaza gas story I highlighted on my previous blogs. Remember, Sam Zell, a partner in EMG of the EMG-Israel gas deal? Well, it seems Zell may be selling his shares at EMG. The following has a breakdown of EMG ownership and more on the right hand sidebar:

So, basically, it boils down to the Palestinians, the Palestinian cause, and their putatative religious/ethnic, Jewish/Zionist/Israeli/Islamic divide is cynically manipulated and exploited from all sides for everybody's opportunistic, imperialist, personal, financial aggrandizement and advantage, above.

This includes our foundation and state funded FAKE LEFT and Opposition, here, in the US and abroad, for whom both Israel and Palestine are their bread and butter, meat and potatoes issues. And, of course, most, more importantly, our Fascist led collaborative labor unions who invest their pension monies into ALL the above and are a co-sponsor of the Nazi, mafia Obooma Administration.

And, remember the most recent price gouging and astronomically high cost for fuel, supposedly premissed on peak oil, scarcity or whichever idiotic theory to which you ascribe and which has mysteriously disappeared or evaporated into thin air?

Well, the gargantuan monies earned in that ripoff are being put to good use by ANOTHER multinational corporation of stellar NAZI background, interconnected with all the above, Rockefeller's Exxon Mobil who plans to use ALL their humungus cash reserves to buy others:

Meanwhile, back at the US/Western/EU sponsored Nabucco versus Gazprom pipeline war front, the following roundup of related events.

Turkey, a central conduit for Nabucco pipeline to EU. Question, from where will its gas be supplied?:

Then, in an obvious geopolitical/economic blocking manuever, "US Signs Strategic Pact with Georgia":

And, "Belarus to Receive IMF Loan":,_i_email=y.html

Comments below on the effects of the current/recent Ukraine sponsored Gazprom conflict, which presents Gazprom as an unreliable supplier:

While Cooperation with Pakistan/UAE Navies to Grow:

The one below is curious and not so obvious to me as that above and requires abit of thought, "Pakistan Offers To Buy India's Share of IPI [Iran-Pak-India] Gas":

And, the following sample illustrates other areas of the globe where many of the above economic interests both intersect and perhaps collide with one another.
In Africa's most recent Guinea Coup, for example, mining interests from the GCC Dubai, Alcoa Aluminum, Steinmetz and Russia's private Rusal amongst others are present:

And in India, Reliance Industries has contributed heavily to Clinton:

And, finally, some video, TV footage from the ongoing, continued Greek resistance, insurgency and uprising:


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