Thursday, January 1, 2009


I get sick at heart and sick and tired of hearing the world does not care about Gaza and Israel.
Plenty of people care.

But, do they care, do they act, do they have a program about everything else in the world related to the events that lead to Gaza, almost all of which is open for all to see?
Maybe, if they did, we would have a real Opposition, a Resistance and not have a Gaza.

I might ask equally, for example, how is it in the US that 3,000 and more of its own citizens are dead from 9/11 and its damage, horror and many repercussions go UNCHALLENGED! Not to mention anthrax scares.
Why are not people out on the streets in the US demanding an investigation, heads rolling, etc?
Why not??
It's not even a subject for official discussion.

Why is it two or three BILLION people on this planet suffer, live with and die from extreme hunger and/or malnutrition, homelessness, disease, endless wars, poverty, despair, hopelessness, unemployed, underemployed, overworked and underpaid employed EVERY SINGLE DAY and people are not in the streets in horror, including the US which has an army of poor, homeless, malnourished, impoverished, destitute wandering and roaming its urban streets.

Why does this situation chronically perpetuate itself?
Why and how?

And, in addition, why is it something so fundamental and simple as a universal single-payer health care system in THIS country cannot be accomplished?

Why is it that multi-billions of working class taxpayer dollars can be stolen from the US Treasury and given as gifts to Citigroup and multiple other private multinational corporations and interests, while American workers and industry gets sold off, out and down the drain, as a corollary of the poverty mentioned above?

How does this happen and no riots, strikes, political repercussions ensue?

And US national assets, natural resources, heavy industry and money supply remain in private hands to be controlled willy-nilly by them?
How is it this happens??

When people can begin to answer the above questions and tie it all together and act upon it, then, they can do something about Gaza.
Not until then.

Instead, here, we have the Fake, Opportunistic foundation, private and state sponsored Left, and various and other sundry Trotskyite groupings and Islamists yelling and screaming about the big, bad, horrible Zionist, Jewish state of Israel against the Arab, Muslim Palestinians.

Of course, Israel, whether or not defined religiously, operates in lieu of and for the interests of PRIVATE Western, Russian, Arab, Iranian and you name it capital.
Capital does not distinguish itself religiously or ethnically, altho, we do now have another mythologically created category of "Islamic" finance.
I hear no objections or exposes to that Fascist created absurdity, either.

But, I have another example about the above from the nixed Dow and Kuwait Chemical joint venture.
Keep in mind, the Dow-K chemical deal, as THEY refer to it, was opposed by the Kuwaitis BEFORE events in Gaza transpired.
Their opposition is NOT a direct consequence of Gaza.

I can only say if one, I repeat, emphasize, just one, MAJOR victory of this sort/kind occurred in the US, the entire power equations would shift.
It would be a seismic earthquake:

But, better to scream, yell, demonstrate and REACT about the Nazi Israel state and Gaza and prove one's moral and Left bona fides then to confront and do something specific to challenge and change ANY of the concrete global and domestic power relationships expressed above which lead to and enable events in Gaza.

Certainly, under no circumstance, do not confront our Fascist union leadership, here, and their pension fund investments, their rabid anti-Communism, their anti-nationalization, pro-privatization, or organize the unorganized or much of anything else.

All of the above is hard, dangerous, difficult work.
So, let's not talk openly about it and air the dirty laundry.
Let's just sweep it under the rug.

So, I am NOT planning to march about Israel and Gaza and join with any of the opportunistic fake Left and Opposition, above.
Not because I do not care about Gaza and the Palestinians.
Precisely because I do care.
I will not give legitimacy to political opportunism and expediency on a grand scale, including that of the Islamists and Iran for whom the Palestinians are truly sacrificial lambs.

I can only repeat a truism, which is why it is a truism:
Get your own house in order FIRST and the rest will follow.

So, Kudos to those wonderful, marvelous kids in Greece who set a global example and, at minimum, did more to challenge, confront and bring out class issues above than the entire labor movement in the US combined.

And, then, there is/was Turkey's enormous, ferocious, tenacious, principled, ongoing opposition to their Fascist, Islamic AKP and the AKP's passion to sell state enterprises.

And, then, there is/was the aborted General Strike in Lebanon, sabotaged by Iranian sponsored Hezbollah.

And, as well, militant labor resistance to privatization in Pakistan, again, NOT helped by reactionary, fake Islamists, including Egypt. And, elsewhere. And, that includes Iran.

And, an irresistable New Year's ending or beginning comment about this past year, 2008, US Democratic Presidential Primary and Hillary Clinton's pilloried campaign and the idiotic, ignorant either willful or not incorrect political analysts and responses.

Hillary Clinton and hubby are clearly a part of the Fascist Establishment.
We all know that. It's a given.
Together, they have been bought and purchased, just like Obooma.

BUT as a consequence of the debauched chicanery and challenge of the Obooma mafia primary campaign, a nascent united front, a resistance of sorts, coalesced surrounding Hillary's campaign.
Blowback ensued, primarily, as I said, due to their dirty tactics.

This development was obviously an unexpected, unanticipated event. Hillary was supposed to have been knocked out early in the primary. This did not occur. And, she resisted, whatever her reasons. She spent some of her own money and even went into debt.

Even the stupid, backwards, reactionary, white working class that OBOOMA'S campaign called them in West Virginia and Pennsylvania who overwhelming rejected Obooma, had the good sense to either see through or resist SOME of the hype and railroading shenanigans in Obooma's campaign.

As the tenacity of Hillary's campaign developed, it and they morphed into a broader based, symbolic resistance and opposition to the heavy handed, underhanded, omnipresent, historical, dirty tricks and tactics of the Democratic mafia machine, especially Chicago, and both she and her supporters transcended into something they were not at the beginning, a nascent broad based coalition and potential MOVEMENT.
She and they stood at an historic crossroads.
She/they HAD A CHOICE.

THEY/SHE, together, COULD have challenged the hierarchy of the corrupt Democratic Party machine, its agenda and/or BOLTED from the Democratic Party and combined themselves into an independent, broad based united front against Fascism and MOVEMENT which would have presented the country with a significant power base and political alternative.
All the objective conditions existed in SPITE of Hillary's background.

This was the BIG threat to the Establishment represented by Hillary and the people behind her and their spontaneous MOVEMENT.
Unintentionally, a political Frankenstein monster was created threatening to move beyond their control.
Perish the thought it is/was class based.

And, as I contend, THIS was the reason both Hillary and her followers and the potential mass movement they represented HAD to be dismantled, dissolved and, as much as possible, bought and brought back into line, coopted into the Presidential campaign and the officially sanctioned power conduit of the Democratic Party.

And, perhaps, as well, at the point of her maximum power and leverage, Hillary reached a deal with Democratic officialdom for her present position as Secy of State.
As I said in a previous blog regarding Hillary, "you coulda been somebody," to quote/paraphrase Brando's famous line in the movie about the mafia,
"On the Waterfront."
Instead, Hillary will become an historical footnote.

Of course, while this explains Hillary's possible deal with Democratic officialdom, it does not excuse, justify or rationalize the typical pattern of behaviour and collaboration by everybody else named above, organized Fascist led Labor, our fake Left etc. who willingly obliged by dissolving their nascent, broad based coalition in favor of the other Fascist led, mafia, Democratic candidate, Obooma.

So, be adults.
Take responsibility for what you have done and change yourselves FIRST and foremost.
Then, the rest of the world will fall into place and not the other way around.

In conclusion, maybe I should add to everybody else's New Years reading list, if they have not already done so, Lenin's classic polemical pamphlet, presentation,
"Left Wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder."
One need only update it slightly to accommodate the present. True of everything classic.

And, finally, speaking of classics, I left this article about Israel-Gaza for the end because I thought it a possible controversial distraction from the emphasis of my main points, above, at the beginning.

The following presentation is more or less an accurate description of how the Israeli-Gaza conflict plays itself out in the US and what I, too, receive in my e-mail inbox, with far worse, totally wrong, incorrect, disgusting to me historical references, analysis and analogies from the fake, opportunistic opposition, Left and moral thought police.

However, I would hope that people reading the following realize that the specific political-economic relationships and causes for the very reasons we are in the Middle East in the first place, the GCC bubble, privatization, counter-revolution, which I constantly present in my blogs and are my central thesis, are not mentioned below, nor is Iraq, for that matter.
So, that's my caveat.

And Iraq's shoe tosser, Muntadar al Zaidi's, trial has been postponed indefinitely and his torture overshadowed by the Israel-Gaza conflict.

So, the following headline,
"Israel is the Opium of the People and Other Taboos"
(or, I could paraphrase it and say,
Israel, a Weapon of Mass Distraction):


Juan Moment said...

KM, despite reading pretty much all your posts, I haven’t commented on your blog for ages. The reason I tend not to comment is that your well informed posts leave generally very little to be added, especially not by someone like myself, who I feel has a comparatively minor comprehension of the many schemes unfolding simultaneously in the ME.

However, let me raise a few points in regards to the Palestinian issue. You wrote:

When people can begin to answer the above questions and tie it all together and act upon it, then, they can do something about Gaza.
Not until then.

I know what you mean, and again, despite its harshness, your statement rings true. There are too many human disaster stories the political Left does not give a rat’s arse about, to now take it serious when it does rear its otherwise lethargic head. To not even bark, but burp its usual response, offering meaningless standard phrases on placards or web sites, and nothing more.

But can we really allow us to condemn the little attempts there are in global resistance to the ethnic cleansing and genocides being carried out? What if people would have rallied around the Somalia issue, couldn’t we cynically reject their arguments as a distraction of other, even more important issues. Aren’t there always more important issues? I for one am glad that in apathetic times like the ones we live in, there is at least still one matter which infuriates enough people to be registered by the powers organizing the killings. I am saddened that mankind had to fall as low as the wholesale slaughter of 1.5 million Gazans trying desperately to survive in the open air prison their city has become, in order to shout out their indignation at the system which allows this yet againto happen.

But regardless of how much the issue of Israel v. Palestinians is a pet issue used by the fake left to pretend that it still exists, this is not the Palestinians fault. They need help now. The problem of their incarceration in inhumane treatment needs to be resolved now, not when the obese western left gets its act together. It needs to be solved and taken care of now, just like any other currently developing humanitarian crisis, not to mention the ongoing theft by the world’s plutocrats.

No one marches for the Karen people in Burma or yells abuse at the Indonesian regime for their armed robbery of Irian Jaya. And yet, they do for the Palestinians. But, and as much as this selective avant-garde lefty behavior is shameful, does this reduce the legitimacy of any objections raised to the fade the people in Gaza are being dished out?

These are fellow human beings, people who are products of an environment and violent history we can not grasp, who via collective punishment for the stupidity of some are being starved and dehumanized every single day. As much as I wish mankind would pay as much attention to all the other crimes against humanity committed every day as it does to the IL v PA drama, I can not criticize those who do give money to the Free Gaza movement, march down main street or write blogs about it. I can only hope, and I know that historically seen it will be in vain, that this temporary groundswell of rage against the machine will contribute to an eventually growing awareness that we are part of the problem, not the solution.

The Daily News Egypt article you linked has a lot of merit. Hamas has a lot to answer for, no doubt, although we shouldn’t forget that Hamas is a consequence 60 years in the making, the result you get when an almost entirely isolated people has to fight for decades on end for its right to land, water and survival. Hmm, a bit like the Israelis really, so they have their IDF. It is just that Hamas has killed less than 10 Israelis in five years with their home made fireworks, and IL some 400 in the last 100 hours alone. A senseless and morbid numbers game, I know, but to put things in context numbers are pretty good.

Mona writes in her article,

But what to say about a conflict that for more than 60 years now has fed Arab and Israeli senses of victimhood and their respective demands to stop everything else we’re doing and pay attention to their fights because what’s the slaughter of anyone else – be they in Darfur, Congo or anywhere else – compared to their often avoidable bloodletting?

This is certainly true, yet she also makes the mistake of blaming the Palestinians for the weak-kneed resistance and opposition in their Arab neighborhood. It’s a fair call to accuse Arab citizens of not standing up against their own dictators and to fall over and over again for the ol “Israel shall be your only enemy’ meme, but it is something completely else to refuse therefore to speak out against the continued murderous assault on Gaza.

Don’t get me wrong KM, your point is well taken, Palestinians have been more or less unwillingly the play ball of foreign powers ever since god knows when, and for that reason maybe has their struggle become Pavlov’s bell for the gutless Left. The sad part in my eyes is not that Palestine has become seemingly the only issue that could galvanize the left to congregate at marches in numbers large enough to call it a protest, what is most demoralizing for me is that in spite of this chorale of disapproval world wide, the Palestinians are still facing the same bleak conditions they did 10 or 20 years ago. Palestinians could elect Jesus and the twelve apostles as their leaders, and for all I know they’d still be confronting F16’s and tanks tonight.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little the fake left jumps up and down, it makes no difference. Not in Gaza or Tel Aviv. Neither would or does it in the US. Walking by the tens if not hundreds of thousands down main street helps only to appease the conscience of the people marching, but does very little in terms of determining the flow of events, the Iraq showdown was a prime example. What is needed is a massive wave of civil disobedience across the nations, which for reasons I tried to outline in the previous thread’s comments, ain’t gonna happen.

The moment the puppeteers running the show are picking up on the grumbling vibes coming from the audience, they quickly redecorate the scene and offer a black guy as presidential candidate who promises to bring “change”. Hip hip hurray, the king is dead, long live the king. And so the emphasis changes exactly one iota, from subduing Iraqis back to killing Afghanis.

For any opposition to be successful, it has to be outer parliamentary and mass based. Ideally it uses the system’s weapons for its own purpose, leaving any stunts pulled lawful and without causing bloodshed on the streets. 10 million people giving $100 every quarter to a fund designed to pay for advertising the ugly truth, that’s a billion dollars, a lot of ads. Every quarter. What are the media outlets gonna do? Not take the money?

20 million people of all walks of life strolling on the same day into their nearest cop shop to hand themselves in for having smoked a marijuana joint or jaywalked across main street, clogging up the rigged justice system so badly that it will become almost defunct.

To finish up, maybe we should spend some of our time exploring avenues on how to kick start an effective resistance, one that sees the need and is prepared for action well beyond the Palestinian shores, but one that does not forget their daily injustice and troubles either.

karlmarx said...

Hi, Juan. First of all, thanks for you thoughtful comments on my previous blog entry. It's alittle difficult to follow up these discussion threads jumping around from post to post.
My e-mail address is listed on my blogspot, if you prefer it.
I did not see yours, however.
In reponse to your PREVIOUS comment. Not this one.
I hope I have well demonstrated on my blogs that we are ALL "part of the system." Not just you. Everyone. That's the point.
All of us are bound up by the logic of the "system" just like we are bound by the LAWS of gravity while we exist on this planet.
The point is to understand HOW the system, ANY system, operates, its logic. That's why Marx said words to the effect, "...the point is to change it." You can't change it without understanding it's internal mode of operations, like a computer system or anything else.
My analysis thus is simply applied classical Marx. The underpinning of it all are the property relationships, ownership.
There is absolutely NO reason for YOU to FEEL guilty, or, anything of the sort because you are "part of the system." It's like saying you are guilty for being controlled by gravity on this planet. What I have tried to demonstrate, in order to change this system, it is necessary to recognize and alter the fundamental power equations, which are predicated on private versus public,socialized, national ownership of assets. Thus, you can measure your goals, your tactics, your strategies in the degree to which they advance one or the other, above. The equation is a relatively simple one. To the extent that one side of the equation shrinks, the other side advances. Historically, when something like the Russian Revolution comes along, it becomes a sweeping upset, all at once, with major, violent, militaristic counter-revolution. This is why Lenin/Stalin realized either there is a dictatorship of the proletariat to hold onto what was gained or a counter-revolutionary, bourgeois/Fascist dictatorship to overturn and maintain private property relationships.
But, if YOU do not want to be a slave to the system, again, as much as possible, sans a Russian Revolution, you must advance and join with others both at home and abroad in ANYTHING that EXPANDS your public system/ownership and contracts your private ones.
So, for example, in the case of the US, I have pointed most glaringly to our pension system and our health care system.
In each of these cases, either defending what HAS BEEN NATIONALIZED/SOCIALIZED in any given country OR in the US taking OUT of the private sphere the pension and health care delivery system from the private sphere, becomes tantamount to a revolutionary action.
More another time.
Have to end now...must run.