Tuesday, January 27, 2009


US Nazi Obooma's Frankenstein monster, his/their economic "stimulus bill," domestic bailout, public gift of a TRILLION AND possibly MORE taxpayer subsidized dollars, debt bailout and wholesale BONDAGE, serfdom, slavery and sellout to privately owned multinational financial and industrial corporations serves the very same financial and industrial corporate interests who created the speculative boom and its orchestrated collapse in the first place AND their expansionist policies abroad.

Correspondingly, the ONLY reason the US military is located ANYWHERE abroad is because they function as a mercenary army to advance, expand and defend the very same private interests the Nazi Obooma Administration continues to subsidize.

The specifics, or, lack thereof, regarding Obooma's humungous public tax dollar giveaway and private industry cornucopia is so enormous it boggles the mind.
Once again, most lawmakers simply have no idea to whom and where the voluminous amounts of monies will be appropriated.

It is simply a matter of faith and former Federal Reserve banker and now Treasury Secy Geithner's prerogatives, once again.

Here's alittle article, just a snippet, of this Nazi Obooma nightmare:
"US pins economy's hopes on same bank execs who went from boom to bust to bailout":


And, another critical tidbit from our Nazi Fuhrer's dictatorial manipulation regarding news access and information sources:


Meanwhile, the debacle abroad for benefit of these VERY SAME private corporations continues, expands, deepens.

The killings, assassinations, murder, criminal sectarian gangs in Iraq continue unabated, with Iraq's upcoming so-called provincial election explosion already occuring. From this point on, it can only accelerate. Here's a few modest samples:

New Way of Organized Killing Sweeps Iraq:


Factional Violence Continues in Iraq:


Gunmen Attack, Burn Ballot Station Before Election:


Much more available on assassinations, murders, coup plots, etc., elswhere.

This all is the result of the utterly HORRIFIC, obscene policy of continued Bush-Iranian collaboration in Iraq.

The repercussions, reverberations, blowback of this Faustian bargain with barbaric, Islamic-Fascism in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and elsewhere, are by no means finished.

Indeed, as I once said, psuedo-Islamic, Iranian Nazism is the kiss of death, both literally and figuratively, for ALL concerned, including Russia and Putin.

It will bring down EVERYONE associated with them/it.

This is the insidious nature of manufactured ethnic, racial and religious divisions for expedient political purposes, including the current US Administration, which is going to suffer an enormous backlash from their own artificially created racial and ethnic campaign.

The next chapter in Iraq's ongoing war has opened.
The Nazi US is going nowhere, due to all the above, aside from its enormous compound called an Embassy in Iraq.

Meanwhile, in order to transit further troops into Afghanistan, the US is forced to deal either with Iran or Russia or both for access.
For an analysis on this situation, the following,
"Russia Stops US on Road to Afghanistan":


But, there's that little problem of the American, EU sponsored Nabucco gas pipeline, Gazprom's competitor.
Here are some articles regarding American and EU commitment to Nabucco.

"Support Grows for Non-Russian Pipeline":


And Nabucco Summit in Budapest:


And European Bank (EBRD) supports Nabucco:


There's no way under God's Heaven that I can envision Nabucco sacrificed or compromised for the sake of Putin/Russia's cooperation and Afghanistan.

In addition to Russia's southern Gazprom route, Russia's Nord Stream, as mentioned in passing below, is also being challenged by American and EU sponsored Baltic states, as well as continued problems in Eastern/Central Europe:


So, what, precisely, is Russia supposed to get and the US going to give in order to get Russian cooperation in Afghanistan?
Decreased Missile Defense and NATO expansion?
Cooperation with Gazprom?
It seems to me everything points entirely in the opposite direction.

That leaves Iran.
Iran and northern Iraq, Dana Gas, Egypt, Israel, others, in addition, can/could/will supply Nabucco with gas.
And, regional "mopping up" began with EVERYBODY'S surrogate, Israel in Gaza.
Then, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

And next comes Iraq with central authority remaining intact in Baghdad, no separatism and no overt Iranian militias and Iranian government in Iraq.
After which will come an announcement of "regime change, reform and liberalization" in Iran, congruency.
And, Ahmadimoron will disappear, along with his Nazi militias.

As for Nazi Obooma, I'm hoping Illinois Gov Blagoyevich sings and tells all.
Blagoyevich's trial has not even begun yet but he continues to maintain high profile visibility.
He wants to subpoena witnesses within the Obooma Administration, which, to say the very least, should prove more than entertaining.

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