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In my blog posted just below, yesterday,

I demonstrated the interlocking and intertwined directorships and investments between individuals and institutions of Hamid Jafar's Middle East octupus, Abraaj Capital, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil empire and Carlyle Group, Barclays Bank and then the previous Abu Dhabi, Qatar share purchase of Barclays Bank.

These Nazi conspiratorial financial PATTERNS, not anomalies, are being further revealed and exposed in a developing scandal surrounding a little known clause in the previous purchase by Abu Dhabi and Qatar of Barclays Bank shares.

The following is excerpted from a London Times reprint, to which I will link in full afterwards:

"....News of the clause is likely to reignite controversy over the way that BarclaysBarclays raised the money - dubbed at the time by Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, as "a scandal of mammoth proportions".

BarclaysBarclays shares fell another 9 per cent yesterday (Wednesday), having collapsed by 35 per cent at one point, amid speculation that it is poised to raise more capital - either in the market or from the Government.

But the small print in the deal, in which BarclaysBarclays raised pounds 7.3 billion from Abu Dhabi and Qatar, means that if the bank raises fresh capital before the end of June, the Middle Eastern investors would receive a greater number of shares for their original investment without paying more.

If BarclaysBarclays were to raise fresh capital at last night's (Wednesday) closing price, for example, it would automatically hand almost 50 per cent of the bank to the Middle Eastern investors.

The only way to get around the anti-dilution clause, should BarclaysBarclays need more money before the end of June, would be if new capital was raised at more than the 153p-a-share at which paper issued to Abu Dhabi and Qatar is due to convert into BarclaysBarclays stock.

This would mean that if the Government wanted to take a meaningful stake in the bank, it would have to do so by paying more than 153p for BarclaysBarclays shares - which were trading at just 66.1p yesterday (Wednesday). The Treasury would face accusations of wasting taxpayers' money were it to do this.

The clause was inserted at the request of Amanda Staveley, chief executive of PCP Capital, the private equity firm, who advised the Middle Eastern investors on taking the stake. It is understood that she insisted on the clause because she was concerned that instability in the markets in coming months could potentially force BarclaysBarclays to raise more capital.

The Times has seen a letter from Ms Staveley to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the owner of Manchester City Football Club and the Abu Dhabi royal who led the deal, explaining the benefits of the clause.Part of it says:

"If BarclaysBarclays does have to issue new shares at a price which is, for example, half our agreed price, then you will automatically get twice as many ordinary shares for the money you have already invested. If this provision comes into effect you could, subject to the size of any new investment, potentially end up owning significantly more of BarclaysBarclays Bank at no extra cost."

Ms Staveley last night (Wednesday) declined to comment but sources at BarclaysBarclays confirmed the clause exists..." END OF EXCERPT.

And, now the link to the fully reprinted London Times article:

The role of PCP Capital and Amanda Staveley, mentioned above negotiating this "clause," is extensive and deep.
Here's a few snapshots from November 2008 regarding Amanda Staveley and PCP Capital's background and relationships:

and on the above sidebar, in case you missed it, more:

And since Greece is much in the news these days with its militant protests and resistance, I thought I would mention that PCP Capital, above, is also negotiating for Greece's newly privatized Olympic airline:

The above continues to the contrived collapse of the US auto industry and its Fascist, collaborative led, corrupt labor union leadership, all supporters of Obooma.

The following excerpt, for example, about Chrysler in Eygpt is true of the burgeoning Middle East, GCC orchestrated, speculative privatization bubble in general.
Direct link below the following excerpt:

"...Forget what you are hearing about the troubled Big Three US carmakers. Across the ocean, Chrysler is doing big business. In fact, sales in 2008 were 50 percent better than the year before.
That probably won’t be making international headlines. The latest news to come out of the troubled US car market is a partnership between Fiat and Chrysler LLC that will give the former a 35 percent stake — cash-free.
While that makes Chrysler seem desperate, analysts say the partnership is based on mutual interests and long-term benefits: Fiat will start producing its Alfa Romeo and Fiat cars in the US while Chrysler will gain access to Fiat’s distribution network.
The US car market has been on shaky ground for months: Chrysler saw a 30 percent decline in car sales for 2008, Ford sales fell 21 percent and General Motor’s declined 23 percent.
On our side of the world, however, the apple fell far from the tree. Chrysler Egypt executives are touting a 50 percent surge in retail sales, saying that 2008 was much better than 2007, and are quite “optimistic” about the future.
As the Big Three receive a controversial bailout from the US government, cut back drastically on overhead costs and lay off thousands of employees, Chrysler Egypt executives affirmed that “no cutbacks or layoffs will take place in Egypt...”

And, now the direct link for the above:

So, for the US fools, idiots, and suckers, it is encumbment upon EVERY American citizen, no matter who or where they are, to ignore the fake and intentionally distracting hoopla surrounding our Nazi appointed Citigroup President, UNITE AND DEMAND CONGRESS BLOCK, STOP our Nazi/Citigroup Obooma Administration from ANY FURTHER taxpayer giveaways, subsidies, bailout boondoggles and cornucopias to Citigroup and their PRIVATE multinational financial friends and corporations.
And, as well, Geithner's appointment as Treasury Secretary.
Under no circumstances are they to receive anything.
Congress, Obooma, the private institutions above and their supporters must be INUNDATED by telephone, e-mails, street protests, militant demonstrations, high visibility protests, labor strikes, organization of every and any kind
And, they must all be prosecuted, liquidated and exposed.

Instead, the criminals, swindlers and Fascists are being rewarded WITH EVER MORE PUBLIC SUBSIDIES AND GREATER DEBT!
Ignore the distractions of the private foundation and state sponsored fake Left and Opposition, here, in the US, before there is absolutely nothing remaining to protest.
Seize your destiny, you fools and idiots!
You sucker nation!
Your industrial assets and natural resources should not be privately controlled, manipulated, willfully liquidated, bankrupted, impoverished, dismantled and sold.
On top of all this, you subsidize your own demise and with more public debt!!
How much more stupid, self-destructive and suckered can a nation be?
A nation of doormats.
Call your friends, e-mail, mobilize, pass this around.

Let tiny Iceland, amongst others, be a shining example, below, where they have had non-stop, militant demonstrations and protests around their pre-determined, orchestrated economic collapse demanding government accountability, prosecution and resignation, unlike here where we have total, complete, abysmal collaboration, cooptation and collapse:

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