Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Idiotic domestic and global blathering and denial persists while THE main story continues unfolding in front of everyone's eyes, like the following, "Three TRILLION Dollars Looking for Shelter in Arab World," money to be invested globally into privatized resources and industries, discussed at another of their multitudinous upcoming Arab Investment Forums in Dubai, of course, March 24-25.

How much more blatant can this retrogressive Nazi global agenda be?:

Then, at Egypt's Economic Summit on Gaza called immediately upon Israel's ceasefire timed to coincide with Obooma's coronation:

ALL of Europe's major countries were in attendance:

"...Present at the summit were the leaders of France, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Italy, Jordan, Spain, The Czech Republic, the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League and the United Nations. The European leaders headed to Israel after the summit ended..."

I suppose we can all pretend they do not represent the US, as well. The following is the link from which I excerpted the quote above:

The name of this game as I have said repeatedly is regional economic integration and privatization. Israel, Gaza, Lebanon all strategic parts of the whole.

An additional, important, related corollary is circumventing and blocking Gazprom.

Thus, ALL of the following relate to Gazprom, as well.

Utilizing Israel's southern Trans-Israel Pipeline oil/gas route:

"...A little-known 254-kilometer Israeli pipeline, from the Mediterranean port of Ashkelon to the Red Sea port of Eilat, could rival the Suez Canal as an oil shipment route between former Soviet Union producers and Asian consumers...."

The preceeding from the following:

Then, the Western sponsored "...Nabucco pipeline, which is one day hoped to carry 30 billion cubic meters (bcm) of Caspian or Middle Eastern gas annually to an Austrian hub via Turkey, is seen as one of Europe's best hopes for limiting its dependence on Russian gas..."

The preceeding from the following article, related to EU, Turkey, Iran and Iraq gas supplies and the Western sponsored, alternative Nabucco pipeline:

And, apparently, in another major development, Lebanon disputes Israel over offshore territorial claims regarding the newly developed Isramco/Noble gas field:

In addition, there is information about a firm I noted in a much earlier entry in my initial blogspot, Zion Oil and Gas and Israeli exploration:

Since I have compared Dubai to Switerland so many times throughout my blogs, I thought I would link to the following article,
"The UAE Remains Switzerland's Most Important Economic Trading Partner in the Middle East":

Equally well connected to ALL the above is Egypt's EFG-Hermes, the number one, top broker in the region:

And, of course, Abraaj Capital and its interlocking directorates with the Middle East's first private gas octupus and burgeoning empire, Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Abraaj and Hamid Jafar. Here's a couple of new appointments at Abraaj from Carlyle Group and Barclays Bank, cementing further the relationships above, which, recall, extend to Pakistan, as well.

Barclay's Bank, mentioned above/below, already has had major share purchases by private Qatar and Abu Dhabi investors in the Middle East/GCC money-go-round:

And, of course, Citigroup remains THE power center and focal point in ALL the above, the GCC, UAE, Israel, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and, of course, the total piece of shit bought and paid for in the US White House to garauntee their investments above:

What more can I document or say? So, suckers of the world, in particular, the US, continue to be the obliging doormats you so generously have become so that these people, above, can enrich, gorge themselves and shit on you all.

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